Quirky Facts About Assam Every Indian Should Know


Assam is a tiny state, located south of the Himalayas in the north eastern region and is one of the components of the Seven Sisters. Beautiful valleys, sun kissed mountain peaks, meandering rivers make it a magical land to visit. Most of us just know Assam for its tea and one horned rhino which are famous across India and the world but the state has so much more to offer. The problem is that we as Indians in general do not make much of a difference among the 7 states and just dub everyone as “north eastern”.

It’s high time that we enlightened ourselves about our own people and how their cultures, traditions and customs are unique and what we can learn from them. Here are a few facts about Assam every Indian should know that are totally amazing:

Jonbeel Mela


The Jonbeel Mela is a festival held over a span of 3 days and takes places at the Dayang Belguri in Morigaon. It is believed to find its origins in the 15th century, started by the Ahom Kings and the legacy still continues. What makes this festival unique is that it brings back the barter system in which exchange of agricultural produce and local goods is encouraged. The King of the Tiwa tribe then collects taxes from the native folk.

Assam’s Unique Anthem

Assam has it’s own state anthem “O Mur Apunar Dex” which was adopted officially at Axom Chhatra Xonmilon in the year 1927 and was composed by Rasaraj Laxminath Bezbarua and was first published in the year 1909 in Baahi- an Assamese Language. This truly shows how much the local folks respect and treasure their state and home.

Birds Commit Mass Suicide

Jatinga is a little village with heart melting flora and fauna and green hills that just take your breath away. However it is known for a much darker reason- it is a hub of mass suicide committed by birds which fly to this region. It remains a mystery that maybe on the great Sherlock Holmes will be able to solve as it remains an unanswered question since the past 100 years.

Majuli- Largest River Island


The world’s largest River Island, Majuli is situated in Assam in the Johar District. It is a result of the union of Brahmaputra River towards the southern direction and the Kherkutia Xuti, which is united by the Subansiri River in the northern direction. It is the hub of Assamese culture with the natives taking pride in preserving every ounce of it. It is also one of the major tourist attractions which is a major source of revenue for Assam.

Unison of Cultures

Assam isn’t a place inhabited just by the locals. Infact it is home to many Bengali, Marwari and Bihari families too. One wouldn’t miss any cravings of street food and sweets as the streets are flooded with chaatwalas and sweet shops to offer everything one could desire. From dosas tomomos to mouth relishing Pasta’s, fulfil your hunger cravings anytime, anywhere. It also has it’s own traditional offerings that are very popular both among tourists and locals. If this isn’t food haven, I don’t know what is.

Assam is a great state with an amazing history and a lot of cultural offerings that will surely make you visit this haven over and over again!

Jonbil mela photo source: enajori.com

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