Real Names of Assamese Celebrities

It is a general belief that a person has much attachment to his or her name, but when showbiz is calling, many drop their original names to get success and more acceptances among masses. Like bollywood Assamese celebrities also change their names. Here, is a list of 11 such AssameseĀ celebritiesĀ who changed their real name to enter showbiz.


real-names-assamese-celebritiesp-Nayan-Gogoi real-names-assamese-celebrities-manas-gogoi real-names-assamese-celebrities-fairypiya real-names-assamese-celebrities-dikshu real-names-assamese-celebrities-biki real-names-assamese-celebrities-biju-pjukan real-names-assamese-celebrities-angoorlata real-names-assamese-celebrities-aakashdeep real-names-assamese-celebrities0Simanta real-names-assamese-celebrities-zublee

and this is not the full list. If you have moreĀ information about the names, then feel free to use the comment box.

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  1. Please get your facts right . Biki never used this name to enter showbizz . Itā€™s his pet name since childhood .


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