Assamese Films Need to Remove Shortcomings to Shine On National Platform – Shakti Kapoor


Veteran actor Shakti Kapoor who was in the city on last week to promote few new projects in the state said that a lot more still remains to be done to promote Assamese movies on the national platform and remove the shortcomings in the story line, post production works and presentation.

“Assamese filmmakers can approach directors and producers from Bollywood to help improve the quality of Assamese films. The state government too should take steps to improve the plight of the film industry by releasing fund meant for its development,” he said.

Shakti Kapoor is part of a team including Nupur Mehta, who was the lead actress against Sunny Deol in “Jo Bole So Nihal” and Onkar Das, who starred as Natha in “Peepli Live” who will shoot three short movies in Guwahati under dream House Production where the star cast is from Mumbai and Assam.

The production house is on a mission to raise the bar of film making and entertainment in Northeast India. It is committed to tap the bundle houses of talents in the region, be it the adroit technicians or the consummate performing artist.

Dream house production will be involved in a series of projects in North East, Assam ans the rest of the region and plans tap its potential. They will be involved in a series of short movies, which involves Bollywood stars and will also involve local artists from Assam. The main objective behind these movies is to compete the international film festivals.

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