Channel V Made a Special Video on NE | Anurag Saikia Done an Excellent Job

Team Gumrah has made a special music video to support the North East Indians. This music video Aaha Heiya is about to stop racism on North East Indians. Anurag Saikia is the man behind the the music and he also lends his voice along with Suvarna Tiwari.

Abhijit Das wrote the lyrics while Santanu Rowmuria wrote Assamese Lyrics. For this music video they used Bottle, Table, Plastic, Uncle Chips Packet, Claps, Snaps to create extra ordinary music.

The other details of this video

Guitar: Ishan Das
Additional Designing: Hengul Medhi, Sukumar Dutta, Bitopan Kashyap
Recorded by ParTha ProTim Das @Studio Rudra.
Mixed & Mastered by Bhaskar Sarma

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