7 Names of the 7 Days of Bohag Bihu


Among the three Bihu’s that are celebrated in Assam Bohag Bihu claims the top position as the occasion is celebrated with much enthusiasm and fanfare throughout the state. The occasion of Bohag Bihu also coincides with the Assamese New Year, which is another reason behind the grand celebrations.

Here we’re describing the seven days of Bohag Bihu which is popularly known as Xaat bihu.

1. Goru Bihu

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On the occasion of Goru Bihu, the cattle of the villages is bought to a single water source and thoroughly washed and cleaned with the help of turmeric and black gram paste. The cattle is then offered different kind of vegetables as food and prayers are offered thanking them for their help in giving the farmers a good harvest. In the evening, the animals are bought back to their shed and offered spcial food items like Bor Pitha.

2. Manuah Bihu


On the occasion of Manuah Bihu, people have a traditional bath using turmeric, they alos clean their house holsd and wear traditional clothes. They visit their relatives and seek blessings from the elders. Gifts are exchanged during this occasion and almost every family offers the elders a Bihuwan or the Gamusa cloth as a symbol of respect. Many families write Sanskrit mantras on Nahar leaves and hide it behind the roof. This ritual bears a symbolic significance and is done with the intention of seeking protection from all elements of nature.

“ দেৱ দেৱ মহাদেৱ নীলগ্ৰীৱ জটাধৰ
বাত বৃষ্টি হৰংদেৱ মহাদেৱ নমস্তুতে।”

In lower Assam, Manuh Bihu is also called as Bor Domahi.

3. Goasain Bihu


On the occasion of Gosain Bihu, the Gods are worshiped and traditional songs are sung in village namghars. People seek protection and blessing for a good harvest.

4. Tator Bihu


Tatxal is the most adorable asset of every Assamese household. To provide a special space in people’s life the fourth day of Bihu is celebrated as Tator Bihu.

5. Nangolor Bihu

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Nangol is the chief tool among the others for agriculture. The fifth day of Bihu is called Nangolor Bihu

6. Jiyori or Senehi Bihu

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On the sixth day, the daughters come to their parents’ house to celebrate Bihu. That’s why its called Jiyori bihu. Again Senehi Bihu is day that is reserved exclusively for lovers. The day symbolizes love. On this day youths meet their beloved and give them gifts usually known as “Bihuwan” and thus its also called Senehi Bihu.

7. Sera Bihu

bihu dance
Image by- Dhanjit Das Ddc/ Facebook.com

Sera Bihu is the last day of the celebrations. On this day, during ancient times the king used to participate in a fair along with his subjects. This practice is observed even till this date and fairs are organized in the different part of the states, where people come and participate in large numbers.

These are the names of seven days of Bohag Bihu, which is also known as Xaat Bihu.

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