10 Adorable Facts About Every Axomiya Mother

nishita goswami

Maa makes her entry when all seems to move in an imperfect pace. The still lingering dialogue of Deewar “mere pass maa hai” have been deeply engraved in the heart of the millions of mothers of India who are emotionally connected to it. From fighting for her ” Lakhot vitorot ek” baby to cook-up with father to lessen the pocket money, mother fits in every role.”Maa r morom” is has never been left unnoticed. Endowed with all the exquisite vicissitudes common to a mother, the fathom of her love desists from being measured But the adorable instances when we fall in love with her all-over again is worth noting.

1. She is the unassigned saviour from papa’s illegitimate scolding


Whenever her girl or boy is about to receive some serious thrashing from the father, she stands up like a barrier, fighting for her little gem kid. It is as if no one else other than herself is provided with the right of abusing her child.

2. Staying awake at consistent nights and days,when her safe vouched child falls ill


Even when her child suffers from a mere fever, she tends to loose sleep. Staying firmly glued in her seat beside her kid, pampering and caressing you even when all her energy drains out, the love of maa is beyond comparison.

3. Clearing the mess of the room


Even after numerous refusals to clean the litters and shambles of her child’s room,it is always mamma who renders a spotless look to the room of her boy or girl.

4. To facilitate a smooth functioning of the body, you must eat more than thrice a day


Maa will never let you leave home with an empty stomach. She is forever ready to feed you until she feels that you are now too full to take in any extra food. When it comes to Assamese moms, she will probably provide you with food at regular intervals.

5. Winter calls for too many warm clothes


From two to three sweaters to caps, socks and gloves, with the arrival of winter, you need to be fully covered. Her baby is too precious to be touched by the spine chilling cold. Not to forget the epic monkey caps Assamese moms force to put on.

6. Continuing to work throughout the day even if she is severely sick


She cares less about herself and more about you and so even when her body does not permit her to work,she cooks and mopes just for you.

7. When you study late-night,she accompanies you beside the books assuring you are not scared


Exam calls for studying even at nights.In order to feed the empty stomach of her child and not make her kid feel lonely, she decides to stay awake.

8. Meeting the needs of you by sacrificing even her basic requirements


Whenever the family is going under financial crisis, mother chooses to give up her own desires even her last savings for you.

9.You are a divine creation exclusively made for her


The undisputed beauty among all,”Maa r karone xokolutkoi dhunia nijor lora-sualiyei hoi“.

10.Most significantly, you will remain her “baccha” till her last breathe


You will never grow up in your mother’s eyes.

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