Mekhela Chador Will Shine at Lakme Fashion Week This Year


Known to explore the nuances of the Assamese traditional saree- Mekhela Chador, designer Sanjukta Dutta to craft an exquisite range of hand-crafted sarees at Lakme Fashion Week. Her collection is an amalgamation of cultures with temple motifs from South and colourful silk threads from Assam. The sultry Bipasha Basu will be the showstopper for the designer at Lakme Fashion Week. The theme colours she has selected is muga and white which is of stark contrast to her usual colourful collections. The event will held on August 28.

She is the first Assamese designer to do so!

Earlier this year she showed her collection at the India Beach Fashion Week held in Goa, where Zarine Khan was Sanjukta’s showstopper.

About Sanjukta

Sanjukta is of the singular belief that clothing is not just a piece of cloth but a key and integral part of every human being and their identity. It is her central belief that one’s clothing tells a story, of not just the kind of person you are but also the mood you are in. Sanjukta Dutta an Assamese designer par excellence, creates a unique combination of clubbing traditions of different geographic areas in one garment.

The base is Assamese Mekhela – Chador but beautified by incorporating traditional designs of different parts of the country in to it. Rajasthani tradition, South Indian tradition, Embroidery, Modern digital printing etc. are few land mark traditions and techniques which are used by Sanjukta to give a new-fangled look to age old Assamese dresses.

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Although Sanjukta believed in her dreams and passions, her first major commercial enterprise happened rather by chance. In a meeting with Sandeep Chawla, owner of Sohum Shoppe, she was persuaded by him to design Mekhela Chador and sell them in his outlet. That was the beginning in 2012 and it turned out to be a roaring success.


Watch the video of Bipasha Basu wearing Mekhela Chador at LFW 2016

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