Siddharth Boro from Assam to Debut in Bollywood


Siddharth Boro is a model and actor from Assam and will debut in Sanjib Dey’s “III Smoking Barrels” this year. Earlier, Siddarth won the Mega Mr. North East title during 2014. He is also a finalist of Gladrags Manhunt 2016 TV Reality Show.

About III Smoking Barrels

Directed by Sanjib Dey, The film III Smoking Barrels is an anthology of three stories from Far East India, each exploring a different stage of human life . The first story is about a child, who on escaping from a rebel camp hijacks a car, transpiring in a journey that unravels her plight and prods deep into traumatic issues of children involved in armed conflicts. The next story is about a boy, a drug peddler, and his journey into the drug world. It simultaneously explores the life of his grieving mother while delving into the region that has become synonymous with drug trade. The third story is about a man, an elephant poacher, who ends up killing 15 elephants to fend for himself and his young wife. It explores his treacherous life and the murky powers that control this abhorrent business.

Siddharth who is currently based in Mumbai, graduated from JB Law College Guwahati. He is among the top 11 Finalist of Gladrags Manhunt. GLADRAGS is a Lifestyle, Entertainment, Travel & Fashion bimonthly magazine.

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