Jollywood NewsEvery Song Has a Story Behind: ‘Dur’ Lyricist Rajdweep

    Every Song Has a Story Behind: ‘Dur’ Lyricist Rajdweep

    Every Song has a story behind. He Says, the songs of Dur are really special to me and for a reason. The reason is being the new team behind the wonderful music. I have written three songs for Dur, titled ‘Likhi Likhi’, ‘Dhora Diya’, ‘Nosto Xur’. All these songs are of different genre and it makes me happy as people appreciating our music. Rajdweep, the popular lyricist turned script-writer of the state,who has been excited for his upcoming film ‘Dur’.

    Kangkan Rajkhowa directed movie Dur is releasing on 13th January. He adds, Dur songs are already released through various sites. I worked for Kangkan’s first film Shinyor too and the song Bixakto Suma was quite popular. So now I am hoping for the same from Dur songs. And I should mention about the debutant music director duo Siddharth-Rahul, who have done really well in the film and all the songs are now being appreciated. Dur, starring Biju Phukan, Bishnu Kharghoria, Protibha Choudhury, Amrita Gogoi, Udayan, Achinta Sankar, is based on a love story. The romantic song from the movie ‘Likhi Likhi’ is already in music chartbuster. ‘Likhi Likhi song is also my own favourite’, says the lyricist. After his recent hits from the film Bahniman, Rajdweep is now gaining popularity for the songs of Dur.

    As the critics say, he is truly different. And this mesmerizing difference reflects in his works, whether it’s song or his scripts. In a very short span of time, the very talented writer has carved a niche for himself in the entertainment industry of the state. To be precise, lately he has been known as the new sensation of mobile theatre industry, for his excellence in story-telling. Rajdweep, the writer whose pen speaks a lot about his journey and the way he entertaining us since long with soulful songs and thought-provoking plays. Starting his journey as a journalist of a leading daily of Assam, Rajdweep stepped into the field of entertainment as lyricist and then into mobile theatre as the youngest playwright with his much-appreciated innovative ideas. But meanwhile he also put his mark on big screen with the popular Assamese film ‘Khel-the game’, as audience loved his story and the script as well.

    Khel-the game had been my sincere attempt for entertaining the audience of big screen as till then, I was writing scripts basically for Tv serials and couple of short films. I truly learnt a lot from this film as I got the opportunity to work with one of the most successful filmmakers of the state, Ashok Kumar Bishaya. Right from the beginning of the process, we talked a lot and things were going on after discussing the every possible dimension of films making and the marketing perspective as well. It was so nice to team up with artists like Barsharani Bishaya, my friend Ankur Bishaya, music director Poran Borkotoky, editor Debangkar Borgohain etc.’, says Rajdweep while recollecting some memories of the film and yet he feels that it could do better commercially if we had a better film policy then. ‘Now FFA, i.e. Film Fraternity of Assam has been trying so hard to revive our industry and things are turning out so well as the newly released films getting proper number of cinema halls, show timings and most importantly, Assamese films are now getting back its audience.’, says the writer who has been working on two new films, slated to go on floor soon. Apart from film script, he has been quite excited for the new songs as his recent films ‘DUR’ and ‘BAHNIMAN’. Rajdweep mentions, ‘Both films are very nice and they plotted different kind of stories.’

    Talking about Bahniman Rajdweep adds, ‘This film gives me a special reason to cherish as I again working with my favorite music director Jatin Sharma with whom actually I started my career in films as lyricist. The song Pokhi Pokhi Mon Mur had been the first song I wrote for him featuring Papon and Rupjyoti Devi and eventually it was a big hit. And then the other song of the film Kinu Jadu Aji Bukur Majot was also in chartbuster.’

    Till date, Rajdweep has worked for many films like ‘Rowd’, ‘Raag’, ‘Ahetuk’, ‘Shinyor’, ‘Dooronir Nirola Poja’, ‘Rum Vodka Whisky’ etc as well innumerous albums. His popular songs Bixakto Suma, Pokhi Pokhi Mon Mur, Mo Ho Ho, Uki Mari Gusi Jaay, Dola Mur Ahibo Edin, Abelir Ramdhenu, Khuje Khuje Jibon etc still lingers in our mind. One of his films ‘Dooronir Nirola Poja’, directed by Dhruva J Bordoloi, has been selected for 5th Delhi International Film Festival recently. Rajdweep penned two songs for this outstanding indie-film and both are sung by Papon.

    Apart from Films and Songs, how you keeping yourself busy in mobile theatre as you become the much-talked playwright of this industry with your ‘B-series’? And what is secret behind this B-Series actually as all your play having the title that started with the letter ‘B’, whether it’s Boliya Krishna, Bekar Bahuboli, Breaking News, Betaal Police and now again Best of Luck, Bindass & Boliya Draupadi ? He laughs; ‘ Actually the term B-series is not that sort of serious thing as I had never planned to keep titles of my plays with any particular letter, i.e. ‘B’. It’s just being happened so. After Boliya Krishna became hit and we, me and Sankalpajit Hazarika of Hengool Theatre, were discussing the play concept and title for the next season, then suddenly the title of Bekar Bahuboli came to my mind. And after that same kind of things happened with Kahinoor Theatre and Theatre Bhagyadevi. But to be honest, I have nothing to do with the letter ‘B’ and no chance of being such superstitious at all.’

    Last question, What about ‘Rum Vodka Whisky’?

    He smiles, ‘As the name suggests, it’s truly a different concept. I really feeing good being one of the screen-writer of the film and I also penned down the only song for this movie. Rum Vodka Whisky got three stories actually and I write the story called Whisky. Popular artist Queen hazarika and Tridib Basumatary sung the song, while Tridib is doing the music too. So, I am quite excited for this new kind of film’.

    So, a student of economist in prestigious Cotton College suddenly had turned to a full-time journalist, then eventually a popular lyricist, scriptwriter, playwright, what’s next? After taking a while, Rajdweep smiles and says, ‘Anything can happen. It’s because I don’t have any habit to plan things what to do and what not. In fact, I hate planning. It’s life, not business. So, I just do what I want to do and what gives me satisfaction. My life is full of such twist and turns which are not planned ever. My parents wanted me to be a businessman, an economist while I was looking for a job in some corporate houses, but see where life has taken me to. So, I just want to move on doing the things I like. Let my audience and well-wishers decide what I have been doing exactly. But I must say, I m a passionate learner and I will carry on learning new things in life.’

    Go Ahead Rajdweep.

    This article has been written by Parag Bora

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