Zubeen Garg To Take Legal Action Against an Odia Film as They Copied The Classic Pakhi Pakhi


Singing sensation, Zubeen Garg took Facebook to lash out his frustration over a song that has reportedly been copied from one of Zubeen Garg’s timeless classics, ‘Pakhi Pakhi ei mon’.

Zubeen’s ‘Pakhi pakhi ei mon’ is one of his most popular songs which was released in 1999. However, a video that was released on February 22, 2017, on YouTube, a song ‘Pakhi Pakhi’ from the movie Tapori, was sung by veteran Bollywood singer, Udit Narayan where the tune and bits and pieces of the lyrics reportedly matched with Zubeen’s song, ‘Pakhi pakhi ei mon’.

Here’s the Facebook status by Zubeen Garg

“This song recently sung by Udit Narayan Official ji is a total copy of my song “pakhi pakhi ei mon” which I wrote/composed and sung 15 years ago. As an artist, I wont tolerate this, and I hereby declare that I am going to take legal action against this. I condemn this act.”

Here’s the copied song

Here’s the original song by Zubeen Garg


Here’s the first YouTube comment

youtube comment

and the facebook reactions

Zubeen Facebook Comment

and at last… wait.. have you noticed the leading girl in that video?.. she is Kalpana Kalita !!

kalpana kalita

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