8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Najma Mukherjee’s Akou Pop Asomiya

‘Akou Pop Asomiya’ is the sequel to your most beloved ‘Pop Asomiya’. Pop Asomiya was published as a book in 2010 by Banalata. Prior to that, it also appeared as columns in leading assamese dailies with the likes of Amar Asom, Asomiya Pratidin, Sadin and monthlies like Gariyoshi. For those who have been familiar with the old Pop Asomiya, just know that Akou Pop Asomiya has reached greater heights in terms of infotainment, imagination and of course, intellect.

1. Akou Pop Asomiya – The first assamese satirical fantasy.

Exploring this genre in Assamese literature for the first time, Akou Pop Asomiya transports you to a new world along the lines of the society we live in. And well presented with wit.
akou pop asomiya

2. The pop asomiya world has interesting family structures.

One man – one cat family, One bear and two live-in partners, One man and one robot

akou pop asomiya

3. Now jackals will be hired as Personal Assistants (PA).

Hiring humans was so mainstream. Jackals would help humans to get through their bank work, business deals and various such activities with diplomacy and political correctness.

akou pop asomiya

4. It has Late Ragbi Saikia.
akou pop asomiya

5. Akou Pop Asomiya has crow-drivers. They are the city birds.

Crows carry humans from one place to another in the city cabs. Download their app right away.

6. It is a voyage of a super post-modern society

akou pop asomiya

It sees beyond today’s reality. It is the supreme romanticism of the author which delights the readers.

7. Classical Asomiya and The Pop Asomiya

akou pop asomiyaIt focuses on the greater development of a conflict between the Classical Assamese and the Pop Assamese. Their contrasting beliefs, ways of living and their not understanding each other.

8. It is now available as an e-book at AssamKart – Northeast’s first ever e-book store.

akou pop asomiya

The e-book is at a lower price than the hard copy. Follow the link – Get the Ebook from AssamKart

Najma Mukherjee is credited as the author of books like Ejum Galpa, Rajur Omala Ghar, Sridhar Shastrir Chithi. She has also translated Rabindranath’s ‘Shesher Kabita’ and ‘Chandalika’ into Assamese, the former having got her a nomination for Sahitya Akademi – Best Translation Award. She currently works as an associate professor in the Assamese Department of the prestigious Cotton University.

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