Jollywood NewsSiyahir Rong - The Dark Side of The Fourth Pillar

    Siyahir Rong – The Dark Side of The Fourth Pillar

    In 2016, noted senior political journalist and writer Jitumoni Bora brought out a book that takes an objective inquest into the true nature of journalism in Assam, uncovering a number of concealed truths and stories. Based on his own experiences over the years, his book – ‘Siyahir Rong’, enabled readers to have a refreshing look at the field throughout the 312 pages of the searing novel. The astonishing lengths to which he traversed to unfold the truth behind the façade impressed many, most notably distinguished litterateur Dr Lakshmi Nandan Bora, who found his novel intriguing and exceptional. Modern journalists can actually borrow a leaf out of his work.

    Revolving around a daily newspaper, its owner and an honest journalist, this lively story, penned by an active journalist, will now be turned into a movie by yet another journalist. The film’s script, too, is being written by a journalist, as is the dialogue. What’s more, the central role will also be portrayed by an established journalist.

    Journalists have had to undergo a lot of dilemmas and pressures in the work place. They have always been objective and neutral in their assessments of various issues, be it political or social. They have regularly been exposing the government and the bigwigs of society, indulging in various corruption and immoral practices. However, the problems mostly stem from the fraudulent misuse of power by the newspaper proprietors for their own ends. A number of journalists, vulnerable as they are, are exploited and oppressed by their superiors and newspaper owners, who hold them on a tight leash. Journalists have no option other than to keep quiet or pander to the wishes of their superiors for fear of losing their jobs. It’s an all-pervasive issue faced by journalists everywhere, including Assam.

    Jitumoni Bora (R) with Bidyut Bhuyan

    Journalist Sasanka Choudhury – the main character of ‘Siyahir Rong’, has to face the ire of the government and is sentenced to a jail term for refusing to compromise with his ideals. On the other hand, journalist Simanta Saikia fights relentlessly against the malicious motives and corrupt practices of his newspaper proprietor. As a watch-dog of his society, he is aware of his responsibilities for the greater good of society. A man of strong convictions and beliefs, he always strives for freedom and truth.

    So far, no Assamese film has ever been made or for that matter, no Assamese novel has ever been written that genuinely discloses the dark side of the Fourth Estate – its hidden truths. After reading the novel, filmmaker Prodyut Kumar Deka evinced a lot of interest to make a film based on the subject. He has already made quite an impact with his films ‘Dhunia Tirutabur’, ‘Samiran Barua Ahi Ase’, ‘Surjyasta’, among others. But very few are aware of the fact that he has also made a name for himself as a cinema journalist. Prodyut, who has also penned the script of ‘Siyahir Rong’, is quite excited to be working on this project, like everyone else.

    After reading the novel, filmmaker Prodyut Kumar Deka evinced a lot of interest to make a film based on the subject.

    The role of Simanta Saikia will be portrayed by popular cine-journalist Bidyut Kumar Bhuyan, who will be making his cinematic debut. He will be pitted against popular actor Jatin Bora, who will play the role of Sasanka Choudhury. The film will also feature artistes like Towfiq Rehman, Arun Nath, Mrinal Das, Mridupaban Dutta, Melody Patgiri, Debika Priyam, etc. The new film is all set to start production early next year.

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