Pune Based IT Professional Begins Musical Journey With “Pohar Kot”

An Assamese from Pune is all set for his debut in Assamese Music Industry with his melodious and pleasant choice of words in the form “Lyrics”. Pranjal Saikia, an IT professional is based out in Pune. His passion for writing always led him to the world of Music and Film Industry. He is a Poet & writer, writes in English, Assamese and Hindi, he has also worked in Marathi Movies and short movies.

His journey of Song “Pohar Kot”, is quite fascinating, once he was driving though the beautiful streets of Pune, suddenly he saw the “Game of Moon and Cloud”, Moon was struggling to shower lights, however, Cloud was blocking his way. A sudden line came in his mind “Pohar Bisari thoka Jonaak dekhisa ney ketiaba”. He penned down the lines relating with Hate and Love.

The theme of the song:
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

He came in touch with another Assamese youth residing in Pune now moved to Mumbai, Raunak Bhradwaj, a Singer, Composer and an IT Professional. He is being credited with Theme song of Lovely Professional University, Part of the team of Title song of Fukrey Returns, and various songs in his name. Raunak along with another youth Amritanshu Dutta, Finalist of “Dil hai Hindustani Reality Show”, being an Non Assamese, gave soul to the song. Pranjal shared the idea of the song to Raunak. He liked the idea and Raunak along with Amritanshu composed the song, Raunak gave his melodious voice to the song “Pohar Kot”.

The song was released on 7th December 2018, from Griebs Music Assam on all Digital Platform.

Being out of Assam for more than a Decade, didn’t fade the heart and soul of an Assamese from Pranjal Saikia. Thus we can see his Dream of being an Assamese lyricist in reality.

The video for the song has been directed by Vishal P Chaliha and music composition and arrangement is done by Amritanshu Dutta. Budding actor Dani Hemagni Kashyap stars in the video for the song.

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