5 Stunning Holiday Destinations of Upper Assam

What traveling really meant to us?

Is it just about passing times without doing any work or is it just walks through the whole world?

Maybe not!


So what does it really meant, my friend?

As we feel, it meant gaining our knowledge behind a self-centric romanticism, doing unseen work behind a lazy life and builds a relationship ourselves own.

[By-the-way, what do you feel about it? Let us know, Ok!] 

Friends, therefore, today here we are bringing 5 stunning destinations for you.

As you have seen in the title these destinations are situated in upper Assam area.

So are you excited to know which are they?

If yes, then let’s go for it one-by-one.

5 Stunning Places to Visit in Upper Assam

1. Charaideo

 Charaideo- places to visit in upper assam

Let’s start from Charaideo because this is the birthplace of Ahom dynasty and of course Assam.

You may think how Charaideo becomes the birthplace of Assam?

Ok, your question is right because we can’t define it directly as the birthplace of this state but in indirect viewpoint ‘Assam’ word evolved from ‘Ahom’ and Ahom established their first kingdom capital at this place.

So in that case, it will not be so wrong if we say Charaideo is the birthplace of Assam state.

This is very common that you already know; in 1253 first Ahom king Chaolung Sukaphaa established his kingdom capital at this place with his 9000 companions.

So, let’s not getting bored and see what the main things to watch are there: –

  • The Charaideo Maidam’s [Maidam is a Tai word, it consist Tombs of dead Ahom kings]
  • Stunning green tea gardens [Nice place for tea tourism]
  • The beautiful hilly areas of Charaideo.

2 . Rang Ghar

rangghor- places to visit in upper assam

The house of color. The word ‘color’ here doesn’t mean about the component that you can touch or see.

It’s all about the feeling and the joy that Rang Ghar consist of.

Do you know my friend; Rang Ghar has the dignity of being the first human-made pavilion of Asia.

This is really a proud source for all our people of Assam.

Isn’t it?

In the mid of 18th century (around 1744-51) it was built by Swargadeo Pramatta Singha.

But before him his father Swargadeo Rudra Singha also built a form of it but his construction was not very high standard and built only with bamboo and wood.

Over time it was destroyed and rebuilt by son Pramatta Singha.

The Rang Ghar we have seen today is the form built by Pramatta Singha.

During the Ahom era, it was used to organize different programs like Bihu dance, Buffalo fight, Bulbul birds fight, Chickens fight, Human wrestling and many more different activities.

If you live in Assam and still haven’t visited this awesome place then we recommend you, visit soon.

It is situated in the very middle of Sivasagar town.

We believe, Rang Ghar will fill your mind full with happiness. Ok, now let’s go to our 3rd destination.

3. Talatal Ghar

Talatal Ghar - places to visit in upper assam

As well as it is one of the most beautiful historical signs of Assam history, it is also the most mysterious one.

Do you know once there were two roadways in the very bottom of Talatal Ghar?

One roadway reached Kareng Ghar, which is 16 km away and another reached to Dikhow River, situated 7 km away from it.

However, today these two ways are closed due to visitor’s security reason.

Once Talatal Ghar was the security base of the Ahom kingdom, therefore it was built very mysteriously.

In 1698, Swargadeo Rudra Singha started the early construction and ended during the ruling period of his fourth son Rajeswar Singha.

Talatal Ghar is situated nearby Rang Ghar, the western side of Sivasagar town.

4. Sivasagar Shivadol

 Sivasagar Shivadol

The grandest Shiva temple in India, The Sivasagar Shiva temple is located on the bank of Sivasagar Borpukhuri.

The queen of Swargadeo Siva Singha; Bor Roja Ambika built this amazing temple in 1734 by dedicating to Hindu god ‘Shiva’.

Do you know what are the main significances of this Shiva temple?

So, here are they: –

  • This is the tallest Shiva temple in India, which tip was designed with 8 ft. pure gold pot. [This is insanely amazing]
  • This is a little bit shocking but did you know this temple is not made with concert (cement) as the present day. Instead, concert- Duck eggs, and Bora rice were used here to build it.
  • At this place, India’s largest Shivratri festival is celebrated each year.

5. Borhill

Borhill - places to visit in assam

If you are a person with romantic nature and love the company of natural beauty then this place is absolutely for you.

Borhill located in the margins between Assam and Nagaland border; falls in Sivasagar districts Nazira sub-division.

This is a beautiful place of Assam, the Dikhow river flows near itself. You can see the picture and feel how beautiful it is.

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