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New Ways to Wear a Georgette Saree with a Designer Blouse

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As an Indian woman, you probably love wearing sarees, whether they are plain or designer ones. All sarees seem to have an effortless beauty about them, and they always give you the opportunity to experiment with fresh looks due to their versatility.  This is enough to make them among the most popular choices of wear for women, and every woman has a few of these n their closet.

The good news is that you can wear a saree to any occasion or event, especially when you match them with the best blouses available. Aside from looking for a designer saree, you can get the same aura by wearing a plain saree with a designer blouse rather than a plain blouse. In fact, the blouse alone will give the saree some added interest and give a rich, classy look.

In this article, we look at a few of these looks that you can try, especially with a plain-looking georgette saree, and the blouses that will make them stand out instantly.

Wearing a gold blouse with a black saree

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If you have a saree in a plain black colour, you can instantly add a touch of chic to it by wearing it with a gold blouse. The gold colour makes the whole look excellent for parties, especially those in the late evenings, such as wedding receptions. When you want to increase the style factor you have, you can finish the look with embellished jewellery.

However, be careful with the jewellery you choose to wear – do not go overboard with it, as the blouse is already doing plenty of the talking for you.

Floral blouses with a pink saree

If there was ever a top pick for women in general, aside from sarees, it has to be the combination of prints and floral work. If you have a pink saree, you can pair it with a beautiful, charming blouse that has floral patterns and special detailing.

In addition to georgette sarees, these also look really good with a chiffon and silk designer saree as well, and always look stunning when you style them correctly.

A sleeveless blouse that has a deep U-neck

As long as you have a simple blouse in a gold colour, it will go well with any colour of saree – regardless of whether it is a plain or designer saree. They have the ability to add an elegant look to any saree, and the blouse is versatile enough to allow you to wear it on multiple occasions.

If you have a U-neck blouse in your wardrobe and are wondering when to wear it, consider wearing it with any saree in your closet.

Net blouse with boat neck and full sleeves

At first thought, wearing a saree and a net full-sleeved blouse can sound boring. However, when the blouse has significant amounts of work on it, it can look amazing regardless.

When picking out this look, it is important to make sure that the design on the blouse is beautiful and stands out easily from the saree itself. If you want to enhance the look of your neck and collar bones, a blouse that has a boat neck can easily do the work for you, as well as looking gorgeous.

Blouse design that has a sleeveless high neck

For women of any age in this present time, they likely love the idea of wearing blouses that have high necks. If you do not like the idea of wearing a deep neck blouse, then a high neck one will help you get that chic fashion statement approach, and help you instantly look like the most stylish lady in an event.

Designer sarees that take on a plain look are the best with these blouses, as it balances a bit of much-needed glam with plenty of elegance.

A blouse with bell sleeves

There are many women out there who love bell sleeve – and you might be one of them. These are back on the fashion radar, and are so popular that they are taking over multiple fashion stores. It is easy to find them on blouses, tops and dresses, which gives you plenty of room to experiment with your look.

If you are wearing a georgette saree, you can always pair it with a bell-shaped sleeve blouse in order to add a chic aura to your appearance.

Wearing a bell-sleeved blouse with a frill neckline

This is one classic design that went out of fashion but is now making a steady comeback – and when you think about it, it is not difficult to see why this is the case. Whatever you think about them, bell sleeves are quite attractive on many women, and have the ability to transport you to a fantasy realm when you wear them. Their popularity is only set to increase as days go by.

To add some extra interest to the blouses, they come with frills on their necklines, which make them look even better. The blouses are also versatile enough to work well with lehengas and floor-touching skirts, which makes them great for numerous functions.

Blouses that come in a sleeveless collar design

If you are seeking to make a statement, collared blouses are the way to go, because they effortlessly combine the Indian fashion approach with a western approach. The combination of the ethnic beauty and the collar will instantly give you an edginess that is hard to find with a typical saree, even a designer one.

The major charm of the entire saree is the simplicity of the blouse, and it can look really good with high buns or braid buns and makes the collars pop up in a better way.

Wearing net sleeves with a high neck blouse

Net blouses always look great, including the stylish ones. Even when wearing a plain-looking saree, wearing a net blouse will give them a makeover – so you can go for those with internal linings, or those with a sheer neck and sleeves.

Final thoughts

Just because you want to wear a saree, does not mean you can only stick with one look. You can always try out different choices, especially for your blouses, and use them to create new looks. At the end of the day, it is important to feel good in your clothes, and hopefully these ideas will give you more ideas on experimenting with your appearance.

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