Guwahati CityYouTuber Bhukhan Pathak Came Forward To Help During The Covid Pandemic

    YouTuber Bhukhan Pathak Came Forward To Help During The Covid Pandemic

    As the second wave of the global pandemic Covid 19 has hit us once again creating havoc in the country and making normal life a standstill for many. Many of the economically weaker sections of the society have lost their jobs and many of them are struggling hard to earn a living. At this difficult hour and hard times, it is important for us to be empathetic and contribute to the best of our ability to the people who needs a helping hand.

    With such a positive spirit and outlook one of the popular content creator and YouTuber Bhukhan Pathak came forward to help the needy workers such as rickshaw pullers and stand pullers at his hometown in Barpeta, Assam. It has been seen over the period of time that many of the street vendors and other working classes have not been able to meet their needs due to the limited working hours.

    Many of them are struggling to have a single meal for the day. Hence in order to help them Bhukhan along with his friends extended a helping hand by distributing food and other daily essentials abiding the government protocols. Last year 2020 when we were attacked by the first wave of Covid 19, Bhukhan Pathak has shown his humanity by lending his support to the economic weaker sections of the society. Not only that he has also contributed to the flood situation in Assam by raising monetary support online. He is one of the pioneer in the digital space of Assam to lead by example.

    He has been continuously entertaining his followers from the past 4 years with Video Logs (Vlogs), short films, interviews, etc. Presently Bhukhan owns three YouTube channel namely Assamese Mixture, Bhukhan Pathak and BYP with a subscriber count of 6,87,000; 1,46,000 and 87,000 respectively. He is quite active on other social media platforms like Facebook (1,86,000 followers) and Instagram (1,18,000 followers). The youth said “Everyone around us is our family and what we are just because of them.”He urged and appealed to the people of Assam who are privileged to come forward making an effort to help the ones in need. Each individual step counts as each tiny drop makes an ocean.

    Written By: Ankita Kakaty, Research Scholar, Gauhati University

    Magical Assam Staff
    Magical Assam Staff
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