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kamakhya temple

People get widely attracted to Mysteries. Most of us want to know the most mysterious aspects of any place we encounter. So, viewing that, here we came up with an interesting piece. In this blog, we will enlighten the Kamakhya Temple Mystery. 

Many mystical stories are related to the Devi Kamakhya temple, situated at Nilachal Hills in Guwahati, Assam. 

It is one of the oldest Shakti Peeths and the most respected Tantric practicing center also informally termed as Kamakhya Temple Black Magic. Not only this, but it is also the center of the Kulachara Tantra Marga. It hosts an annual festival known as Ambubachi Mela with full pomp and show. The Mela celebrates the menstruation of the goddess. 

Let’s now try to dig into the Kamakhya Temple Mystery.

Mythological mystery of Kamakhya Temple

According to the folk stories described by the legends, the existence of the Kamakhya Temple is an interesting one. It is believed that after the marriage of mother Sati and Lord Shiva, the father of Sati, king Daksha was very unhappy. To insult lord Shiva, he arranged a yajna. He invited all the gods but purposely didn’t invite Lord Shiva. 

On the other hand, mother Sati fought with lord Shiva and went to the yajna. Nevertheless, she got more insulted by her father. Sati couldn’t take it when her father insulted her husband, Lord Shiva. Thus she directly jumped into the fire of the yajna. 

When Lord Shiva came to know about the incident, he lost his mind in anger. Lord Shiva carried his beloved Sati’s dead body and started performing Tandava. When other gods witnessed the scene, they knew if lord Shiva was not stopped, the world with soon be destroyed. Therefore, Lord Vishnu used his Sudarshan chakra and cut Sati into 51 pieces.

The various parts of mother Sati fell into several places, and those places are now considered as the Shakti Peeths. It is believed that the Yoni (genital organ) of Sati fell into the area where now stands the Kamakhya Temple.

Religious Trace 

The KalikaPuranawhich is also known as Kali Purana, KalikaTantra, Sati Purana, is one of the eighteen minor Puranas in the Shaktism tradition of Hinduism. As per KalikaPurana, if you worship in Kamakhya, all your wishes can come true. However, the first Tantric temple, Kamakhya got destroyed in 12 BC during the invasion of the Nilachal Mountain. Later the 2nd Tantric temple got destroyed during the Muslim invasion. 

Like any other goddesses in Assam, goddess Kamakhya is also worshiped in a mixture of cultures, Aryan and non-Aryan. The names of the goddesses worshiped in Assam influence Aryan and non-Aryan goddesses. 

Besides, as per the Yogini Tantra, the trace of the religion of Kamakhya is the religion of the Kirats. BanikantaKakri mentioned that Garo people even practiced pigs sacrifice in Kamakhya. The same practice has been seen in the priests of the Naranarayana. However, the debate behind the mystery of the religious trace is still not definite. The worship of goddess Kamakhya is performed according to both Dakshinachar and Bamachar. Generally, the worship is done with flowers, but occasionally sacrifices are also performed at Kamakhya Devi Temple. Also, female animal sacrifices are restricted, and many other animal sacrifices are excluded from this ritual.

Bleeding Goddess

The goddess of Kamakhya Temple is popularly known as the bleeding goddess. It is believed that the mythological womb of mother Shakti is installed in the ‘Garvagriha’ of the holy temple. According to the folks, the goddess bleeds just like normal women do during her menstruation in June. The mystery remains unsolved: the Brahmaputra river near Kamakhya turns red during Ambubachi.

Although, there is no definite proof of the river water turning red. Some people say that the priests mix vermilion and other red substances into the water. 

The goddess Kamakhya celebrates the strength of ‘Shakti’ or power in every woman. The temple signifies menstruation as the symbol of women’s strength and power of creating a life. 

We hope this blog can help you discover a few of Kamakhya Temple’s mysteries. Besides, there are many more mysteries related toKamakhya Temple. Do comment below if you want us to write more about the mysteries of Kamakhya Temple. Also, if we missed any information, do comment us with the updated information. We will appreciate the efforts you will make in providing the best information to the world.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. What are the special features of the Kamakhya Temple?

The Kamakhya Temple has a unique feature. In the temple, you can’t see any image of the goddess, nor any status. Instead, a sculpture of a va*i*a, supposedly of mother sati is worshiped in the temple.

Q. Which is the famous festival of Kamakhya Temple?

A: The famous festival of Kamakhya Temple is Ambubachi. Thousands of devotees gather at the temple to celebrate the menstruation of goddess Kamakhya.

Q. Where is Kamakhya temple located?

A: TheKamakhya Devi temple is situated at Nilachalhills, Kamakhya, Guwahati, Assam, 781010, India. Contact details: Postmaster, Post Office KAMAKHYA (SUB OFFICE), GUWAHATI, KAMAKHYA TEMPLE MAIN RD, KAMRUP, ASSAM, India (IN), Pin Code:- 781010.

Q. How to Reach Kamakhya Temple?

You can reach Kamakhya Temple by Airway. GopinathBordoloi International Airport is the nearest airport to Kamakhya temple. You can also use Railway or book a cab or board a bus to reach the temple.

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