8 Best Romantic Web Series on MX Player

If you looking for some of the best romantic web series on MX Player to watch, then we have an exciting list for you. We’ve compiled a list of the best ones out there, so you can spend your evenings watching heart-warming love stories unfold. Whether you’re a fan of light-hearted romcoms or dramatic sagas, we’ve got something for everyone. 

So grab some popcorn and get ready to cozy up with your loved one!

Best Romantic Web Series on MX Player

1. Aafat

MX Player released a romantic-comedy-drama series Aafat in February 2019. It is the tale of five unique young ladies with different problems who are all quirky in their own way.

The story of these beautiful young ladies revolves around Ricky Malhotra, a young and attractive guy on the lookout for his ideal spouse.

2. Hey Prabhu!

Hey Prabhu! is a 2019 comedy web series directed by Shashanka Ghosh for MX Player. This series stars Rajat Barmecha, Parul Gulati, Achint Kaur, Ritu Raj Singh , Sheeba Chaddha and Prynca Talukdar. Nihit Bhave and Sanket Kunde wrote the script for Hey Prabhu! The series aired on MX Player on February 20, 2019, with the second season following on March 26, 2021.

The comedy series is based on the life of Tarun Prabhu, a young man in his mid-twenties with a solid social media following on Twitter. Tarun quickly understands that internet fame isn’t enough to immune him from real-life problems.

Arunima, Mita’s senior reporter, makes life difficult for Tarun at work. Arunima is a mentor to Tarun. His social life gets disturbed when everyone knows that he has erectile dysfunction.

3. Flames

Flames is another romantic series you can watch on MX Series. This series depicts childhood love. It will surely make you nostalgic as it brings back the love that happened during coaching classes.

After the first season’s success, the show came back with Season 2. The narrative takes place in Pradeep Kaushal tuition classes in West Delhi. Rajat and Ishita are the two students in this coaching group who fall in love as the story unfolds.

4. Permanent Roommates

Permanent Roommates was the first web series of India. The initial season, which consisted of five episodes, premiered on YouTube.

After the first season’s release, the creators renewed a second season for the show, subsequently aired on TVF Play, TVF’s premium online video streaming service.

Tanya, a commitment-averse young woman afraid of being left by her boyfriend, is the protagonist of Permanent Roommates. Mikesh, an overzealous long-distance lover who returns to India from the United States of America to surprise Tanya and ask her to marry.

Tanya refuses but gives in to Mikesh’s urging because of her roommate’s reluctance to marry someone who knows so little about her. The two eventually reach an agreement by deciding to live together first. The subsequent narrative events- a breakup, followed by a rapprochement, and Tanya’s unexpected pregnancy- end in the two arranging their wedding, with unpredictable results.

5. Cheesecake

‘Cheesecake’ is a light-hearted drama/romance/comedy from TVF. It doesn’t have much of an effect on our fast-paced, violent culture or the delicate bonds we create. The acting is excellent, and the dialogue is mature, grounded, and certainly miles away from cloying. It’s a simple movie to watch and highly recommended.

Akanksha Thakur and Jitendra Kumar are back as Sameera and Neel in an urban love story, and their on-screen chemistry is just as lovely. ‘Cheesecake’ is a drama about a crumbling marriage that’s kept together by a flimsy wedding.

6. 1 Percent of Something (Korean, Hindi dubbed)

1% of Something is a South Korean television series starring Ha Seok-jin and Jeon So-min. It is based on the novel of the same title. 

Lee Jae-in, the vicious grandson of a wealthy family who must get married to inherit his grandparent’s money, is forced into a six-month contract with Kim Da-hyun, an elementary school teacher chosen for him by his grandfather, the head of the family.

When the teacher discovers this, she is shocked and angry. The student doesn’t understand, and the heir is completely oblivious that her grandpa had been the individual who passed out outside of her school a few years ago. So when the heir insists on dating and the instructor believes he’s attempting to defraud people into thinking they’re in love, it puts them at odds like never before.

It takes some time, but One Percent of Anything is a romance drama about what happens when the pair discovers their fictitious relationship has gotten too real.

7. Where Stars Land – (Korean, Hindi Dubbed)

Where Stars Land is a Korean romantic drama web show dubbed in Hindi for free on MX Player. Korean web series The Lives of Stars Landing follows the adventures of a group of individuals who work at the Incheon International Airport.

Lee Soo-Yeon is a recent graduate from the highly regarded KAIST who starts work at Incheon International Airport shortly.

Lee is a hardworking young guy with big ambitions. He sets himself a goal of acclimating to his new job at the airport in the next six months as he begins working there.

He is a quiet guy who keeps to himself and does not engage with others much. What will happen now that he has begun his new position? Will he be able to complete the objective of acclimating himself to his job in the next six months?

8. Day Dreamer (Turkish, Hindi Dubbed)

Daydreamer is a romantic comedy web series on MX Player. It revolves around the life of a small-town girl named Sanem. She has been given two hard choices in life. One is to marry her neighbour and settle down in life and the other is to find a job and begin earning.

Sanem chooses the second hard option and applies for a job in an advertising agency. She thought that the nightmare had been left behind her and now she can move past love and relationships, but she did not know what was waiting for her at her new job. What is going to happen next? Did she fall in love?

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