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    18 Hidden Details In The Truman Show

    If you haven’t yet seen The Truman Show, a sci-fi comedy starring Jim Carrey, we’re not sure what you’re waiting for. Many people consider this 1998 film to be one of the finest ever made, and Glasgow resident Marc Moran is no exception.

    Last year, he began a viral Twitter thread about some fascinating facts and intriguing little details in the film, which has been shared hundreds of thousands of times.

    Take a look at some fascinating Truman Show facts in the gallery below, and be sure to view them before reading further! If you haven’t seen the film yet, beware – there might be spoilers.

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    When Truman starts getting suspicious, you can see one of the set controllers looking at job listings in the LA Times Classifieds.

    When Truman goes to the travel agent, she is late to speak to him as she’s still getting her makeup done as she’s never had to come to work before.

    She’s also still wearing her makeup bib.

    When Truman visits his mum, the photograph of young Truman is captioned “My Little Clown”. Truman being behind bars represents him being a prisoner in the TV set, and also being a clown to entertain the real world.

    Truman always listens to classical radio in the morning. The reason for this is because most classical music is in the public domain, so it would be very easy to obtain the rights to use it on TV.

    When Truman tries to leave Seahaven Island with Meryl, the sign at the bridge says “Are you sure it’s a good idea?”

    Truman’s catchphrase is “Good morning! And in case I don’t see you, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Goodnight.” This is Truman unintentionally addressing all Truman Show viewers in different time zones around the globe.

    In one scene, you can see that Truman has to take Vitamin D supplements in the morning. This is because he doesn’t get any natural Vitamin D, as there is no real sunlight in the TV set he lives in.

    When the newspaper is shown, the Volume is XXIX, which matches Truman being 29 years old. The No is 10’765, which is around 29 and a half years.

    My favorite bit is the light that falls sky near the beginning. The writing reveals that it’s a specific star in the lighting rig above. Sirius (the Dog Star) is the brightest in the night sky.

    When Truman is talking to his friend (a vending machine stocker) about what he thinks is going on, his friend stalls him by grabbing chocolate bars when Truman isn’t looking, so he can place them again.

    When Truman is sitting on the beach, the moon is illuminated by the lightning, which shows the moon is much closer to Truman than it should be.


    In the boat scene, you can see Truman’s dad wearing the camera ring, and Truman takes it before he drowns

    When they meet again, Truman gives the ring back, which is why the producers struggle to find Truman at the end of the film.

    The building where Truman always talks to the twins was build on top of a drain, showing how the building was built for the show and wasn’t meant to be functional. There’s also a camera at the top of the sign in the centre.

    And when Truman sees his father for the first time in the movie, he finishes the chase next to the city arches that have the Latin translation of “One for all, all for one”, which is the entire premise of the movie.

    There are cameras to be found literally EVERYWHERE.

    There’s also that scene where his wife is very obviously advertising a kitchen product to the viewers.

    Clever Details Hidden In The Truman Show

    The same beer that Marlon drinks with Truman throughout the movie is also being sold to customers at the Truman Bar.

    The brochures on the rack are also heavily water-based, to play into Truman’s fear of the ocean.

    There’s also a hidden camera on top of the rack.

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