All The Bad Ben Movies in Order [Watch Chronologically]

Are you a fan of the bad ben movies? If so, this is the blog post for you! In this comprehensive guide, we will list all of the bad ben movies in order. We will also provide brief summaries of each movie and give our thoughts on why they are worth watching (or not). So, whether you are a die-hard bad ben fan or just curious about what all the fuss is about, read on to learn more about these iconic films!

The bad ben movie franchise is one of the most iconic and beloved film series of all time. The first movie, bad ben, was released in 2001 and quickly became a sensation, spawning a number of sequels that continue to thrill audiences to this day. So what is it about these movies that makes them so special?

Well, bad ben movies are found footage horror films are written, produced, directed, acted, and everything else you can think of by Nigel Bach. These films have been made in a range of locations, including New York City and London. The majority of them are set at his residence in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, with the star of the films being Bach himself as Tom Riley.

Furthermore, the following is a chronological list of all Bad Ben Films. To assist you in viewing Bad ben movies in chronological order for a deeper appreciation of cinema. So you may answer the question “What is the correct sequence of the Bad Ben films?” with this information.

How many bad ben movies are there?

As of now, there have been nine Bad Ben films, with the most recent release was in 2021. The series has had its ups and downs, with low-budget found footage of paranormal thrillers produced on a shoestring budget.

The true star of the story is Tom Riley (Bach), who begins as a young man and gradually but steadily becomes the main plot.

All Bad Ben Movies in Order of Release Date

  • Bad Ben — October 5, 2016
  • Bad Ben: Steelmanville Road — May 4, 2017
  • Badder Ben: The Final Chapter — October 1, 2017
  • Bad Ben: The Mandela Effect — June 12, 2018
  • Bad Ben: The Crescent Moon Clown — October 17, 2018
  • Bad Ben: The Way In — May 1, 2019
  • Bad Ben 7: The Haunted Highway — November 2019
  • Bad Ben: Pandemic — August 21, 2020
  • Bad Ben: Benign — October 26, 2021

All Bad Ben Movies – Ratings and Where to watch?

1. Bad Ben (2016)

  • Director: Nigel Bach
  • Starring: Nigel Bach
  • Genre: Comedy, Horror
  • Runtime: 86 minutes

In the first Bad Ben film, Tom Riley put all of his money into acquiring a house at a sheriff’s sale that he intended to flip. Almost immediately, strange things occurred, prompting him to believe the home was haunted by the previous owners’ spirits.

The video was recorded on his phone and saved from the cloud server of 21 home security cameras installed by previous owners.

2. Bad Ben: Steelmanville Road (2017)

  • Director: Nigel Bach
  • Starring: Jessica Partridge, Christopher Partridge, Ian Mullin
  • Genre: Horror
  • Runtime: 94 minutes

In the second film in the Bad Ben series, Matt and Rachael Harris inherit a home from her mother, a woman she never met who gave her up for adoption at birth.

It’s the type of house they always wanted but never thought they’d be able to afford. Almost immediately after moving in, strange things start happening, and everything is recorded on video.

3. Badder Ben: The Final Chapter (2017)

  • Director: Nigel Bach
  • Starring: Jacquie Baker, Matthew Schmid, Nigel Bach
  • Genre: Horror
  • Runtime: 85 minutes

In the final installment of the Bad Ben Trilogy, a team of paranormal investigators returns to Steelmanville Road to make a documentary about what occurred there.

The most significant discovery they make is that Tom Riley is alive and that they return him to the house to be the main character of their film. This found-footage, horror, comedy has just the right amount of creepiness and amusement.

4. Bad Ben: The Mandela Effect (2018)

  • Director: Nigel Bach
  • Starring: Nigel Bach
  • Genre: Comedy, Horror
  • Runtime: 67 minutes

In the fourth installment of the Bad Ben saga, Bad Ben: The Mandela Effect, Tom Riley’s terror in a house he purchased at a sheriff’s sale was recorded on 21 security cameras.

What if all of this was occurring over and over again, in parallel universes? Bad Ben collects footage together that shows Tom’s strange experiences to appear.

5. Bad Ben: The Crescent Moon Clown (2018)

  • Director: Nigel Bach
  • Starring: Jhetta Tionne Anderson, Nigel Bach, Nikita Shestyan
  • Genre: Comedy, Horror
  • Runtime: 87 minutes

In the fifth installment of the Bad Ben series, Bad Ben: The Crescent Moon Clown, Renee, the new owner’s daughter, is home alone for the first time.

Unnoticed items begin to happen right away, and she thinks some of her pals have snuck into the house to frighten her, but she soon learns it’s a malevolent force. It appears that the source of evil emanates from a clown doll she discovered in a secured box that was subsequently unlocked.

6. Bad Ben: The Way In (2019)

  • Director: Nigel Bach
  • Starring: Nigel Bach
  • Genre: Horror
  • Runtime: 89 minutes

In the sixth film of the Bad Ben Series, Bad Ben: The Way, the new owner of the frightening residence on Steelmanville Road hires the individual with the most expertise in dealing with evil spirits to get rid of all malevolent influences before moving in.

Tom Riley is the man who has survived numerous ghost and demon encounters in his house. He is desperate for money, so he accepts the offer. To succeed, he must first discover how they are entering!

7. Bad Ben 7: The Haunted Highway (2019)

  • Director: Nigel Bach
  • Starring: Nigel Bach, Holly Barnes, Gary Bisignani
  • Genre: Comedy, Horror
  • Runtime: 71 minutes

In the seventh film of the Bad Ben Series, Bad Ben 7: The Haunted Highway (2017), Tom Riley attempts to take a vacation from the supernatural and gets a job as a ride-share driver for DropUoff.

On Halloween 2019, he records the unusual characters and incidents that happen to him on security cameras, dash cams, and his personal body cam. He comes face-to-face with a bloodthirsty passenger, a girl carrying something odd in her luggage, a not-so-friendly scarecrow, and a witch.

8. Bad Ben: Pandemic (2020)

  • Director: Nigel Bach
  • Starring: Nigel Bach, Katie Bershadsky, Rick Blankenship
  • Genre: Comedy, Horror
  • Runtime: 109 minutes

Humanity has been brought to its knees by a worldwide pandemic in the eighth film of the Bad Ben Series, Bad Ben 8: Pandemic. Tom Riley, a self-proclaimed paranormal investigator, is unable to assist people who need his help in person, so he communicates with them remotely.

They show him their video footage and ask him to determine whether what they’re going through is connected to the pandemic or the supernatural. It was made up of material from around the world taken by Bad Ben fans.

9. Bad Ben: Benign (2021)

  • Director: Nigel Bach
  • Starring: Nigel Bach, Holly Barnes, Steve Reynolds
  • Genre: Comedy, Horror
  • Runtime: 99 minutes

The ninth film of the Bad Ben franchise, Bad Ben 9: Benign, Life Resuming Normal After the Pandemic, Tom Riley places new radar cameras at the home on Steelmanville Road, where weird occurrences continue to happen. This is what they caught…

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