Meet Sanvikaa – The Actor Who Played Rinky In ‘Panchayat’

If there was one character we were eagerly anticipating, in the second season of the popular series ‘Panchayat’, it was Rinky.

Throughout Season 1, Pradhan Ji always talks about Rinky but we are not introduced to her – until the last shot of Season 1. It was where we see Abhishek and Rinky bump into each other at the top of the water tank.

Rinkya is a very devoted daughter to her parents, Pradhan Ji and Manju Devi. Rinky is a character like all other characters in Phulera, she’s simple and down to earth. In this simplicity, she’s like no one else.

She teams up with her father to pull her mother’s leg, offers to help her mother, and just like every girl’s parents, even her parents are worried about her marriage. And just like us, she is always looking for her phone charger.

Her father teams up with her to pull her mother’s leg, and offers to help her mother. Her parents are worried about her marriage. And she is always looking for her phone charger.

The actor who played Rinki is Sanvikaa. Rinky has won everyone’s heart with her simplicity and innocence. 

Panchayat is Sanvikaa’s first big project. Prior to this series, she was seen in a Domino’s TVC. Becoming an actor was never her aim. 

“I wanted to go to Mumbai, but for acting. After engineering, I was confused about what to do, but I knew I didn’t have to work a 9-5 job. I had a friend is part of the industry in Mumbai. He asked me why don’t you come here and work. If not acting, do something in costume. I was not allowed to leave home so I told my dad that I have to go to Bangalore and get a job. Thus I got permission to leave the house.” Sanvikaa told in an interview.

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