German for Movie Lovers: The Best German Series

One of the best and most enjoyable ways to learn German is by watching German-language movies and TV series.

Have you been studying German for a while and wish to advance quickly, improve your ability to understand foreign speech by ear, and increase your vocabulary? Start consuming German movies and television shows! It will not only help you become more proficient, but it will also allow you to discover more about the culture of the nation whose language you are learning.

German language learners frequently struggle with listening and pronunciation. You can overcome the challenges and speak German fluently if you start frequently watching German movies and TV shows.

Try learning German by watching movies. An expert linguist from the best place to pay for college essays has compiled a list of popular, current German TV shows that are not only worthwhile to watch but also entertaining!

Dark (2017-…)

All lovers of the paranormal, enigmatic, and spectacular will like this sci-fi thriller. The story of television show is set in the quiet German town of Winden, where the disappearance of two local children completely upends the town’s previously orderly existence. You can find numerous plots, cutting-edge special effects, and the answer to Winden’s evil secrets in this television series. The fact that this is the sole movie produced by Netflix in Germany gives some indication of the quality of the series, which has become one of the most talked about in Europe.

Tatort (1970-…)

One of the most well-liked classic detective series in Germany is this one. The long-running series teaches you more about Germany itself while also helping you learn German. The episodes depict the activities of police investigators in numerous American towns and areas, from Frankfurt to Bavaria.

Deutschland-83 (2015)

Germany and America collaborated to develop the television series Deutschland-83, which has garnered both popular support and acclaim from critics. The story of a teenage border guard from East Berlin who joins the Bundeswehr as a secret agent to share intelligence about the West’s plans is told in this spy-political movie. The series combines historical parallels, a love story, and spy passions to keep viewers glued to the screen from the first to the last episode.

In 80 Tagen um die Welt (2021)

This is a fresh take on the well-known tale of the real-life English gentleman Phileas Fogg, who unpredictably bet on himself that he could travel the globe in 80 days. The television series, which was co-produced by Germany, Italy, and France and is inspired by Jules Verne’s classic “Around the World in Eighty Days” follows Fogg as he travels the globe with his attendant Passepartout and the young journalist Abigail Fix. By the way, the show was renewed for a second season even before the launch at the end of 2021!

Der Tatortreiniger (2011-…)

Do you miss the witty German humor? Der Tatortreiniger, a well-known sitcom, has 30-minute episodes that are packed with humor, biting social commentary, and snarky language. The life of a janitor, who is tasked with cleaning up suicides and crime scenes after forensic scientists and detectives have finished their work, is the focus of the entire series. The concept of life’s meaning, which is woven into the main character’s dialogues with the victims’ loved ones and friends, is likely to make you laugh as well as reflect while watching this series.

Parfum (2018)

Watch Parfum if you don’t have time for a lengthy German TV show. The German author Patrick Suskind’s well-known novel served as the basis for the miniseries “Perfumer. The Killer’s Tale “, which has just six episodes, will interest those who enjoy supernatural crime stories. The action is set in the present day and centers on the arrest of a criminal who cuts the hair of his victims.

Tribes Of Europa (2021)

What may the future hold in the event of a disaster caused by humans? Tribes of Europa’s creators thought about this issue and produced a magnificent series that has captured the interest of fans all around the world. The new Netflix German series’ premise states that in 2029, Europe suffered a catastrophe that resulted in chaos and anarchy. States fell apart, and the survivors grouped into tribes, adhering to their own laws and engaging in intertribal warfare. Two brothers and a sister from a peaceful tribe plan to alter the course of European history in the year 2074.

You Are Wanted (2017)

The first non-English-language series to be made available on Amazon Video was the German detective series You Are Wanted in 2017. The series has a very contemporary plot: a regular hotel manager in Berlin is attacked online and mistakenly identified as a dangerous terrorist organization. The main character engages in an unfair conflict with the authorities while attempting to establish his innocence as a victim of unidentified people rather than being a dangerous criminal.

Biohackers (2020-…)

The new German technothriller Biohackers gained a lot of popularity very rapidly in that country. Mia Akerlund, a medical student at the University of Freiburg who is interested in biohacking, is the central character of the story. Mia eventually meets Professor Lorenz and her team and starts working with them on dangerous and questionably lawful genetic research. But Mia has a cause for breaking into the professor’s lab. She believes that Lorentz was responsible for her brother’s death, but the student will face numerous risks as she seeks the truth.

Babylon Berlin (2017-…)

The new series Babylon Berlin is fantastic if you enjoy history and want to learn more about Germany’s past. The Weimar Republic was at the dusk in 1929 when this movie’s action takes place. In the middle of Berlin, amid significant historical, political, and economic developments that have fundamentally altered Germans’ lives, a police investigator is conducting an investigation. Babylon Berlin features wonderful acting, superb filming, a setting that is steeped in history, and an exhilarating jazz soundtrack. By the way, with a combined budget of €40 million for its first two seasons, this is the most expensive non-English-language series in the entire world!

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