Murder Mystery 2 Ending, Explained: Who Kidnapped Vik?

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston play the lead roles of Nick and Audrey Spitz in Netflix’s thriller comedy film “Murder Mystery 2.” The storyline follows the couple’s struggles as they endeavor to protect their friend while attempting to identify those who pose a threat to him.

The film’s plot intricately develops, much like Agatha Christie’s famous stories, as it tries to pinpoint the true perpetrator’s identity. The narrative contains several unexpected plot twists that result in the demise of several characters, including some by the hands of the Spitzs. As they believe they have solved the mystery, new information arises, requiring the Spitzs to re-evaluate their assumptions.

The film’s many surprises keep the audience and the Spitzs guessing until the very end. Here’s what the ending means.

What is Murder Mystery 2 about?

Murder Mystery 2 Ending 2

It has been four years since Nick and Audrey successfully solved a murder case, and now they run their detective agency. Despite their efforts, their business is facing difficulties, which makes them question if they should switch to another career. Out of the blue, they receive an invitation from Maharaja Vikram, whom they met while solving their previous case, to attend his wedding on his private island.

It was a perfect opportunity for Nick and Audrey to relax and unwind, but things took a sharp turn when Vik got kidnapped, and his bodyguard was killed. Nick and Audrey jumped into action, and they suspected that two people were involved in the crime, one taking Vik away, and the other person staying back on the island. The suspects list was narrowed down to Vik’s inner circle, which consisted of his bride-to-be Claudette, sister Saira, business partner Francisco, ex-girlfriend Countess Sekou, and former bodyguard Colonel Ulenga.

Murder Mystery 2 Ending: Who Kidnapped Vik?

Murder Mystery 2 Ending 3

When the kidnapper’s plan starts unfolding, the Spitzs jump into action. Vik was supposed to enter the place riding an elephant, but instead, they find his bodyguard Mr. Lou stabbed in the back. Meanwhile, a kidnapper takes Vik away. Nick sets off to rescue Vik while Audrey searches for clues. She spots a figure slipping into the crowd as the elephant arrives. The person’s face was covered, and they threw away their robe into the fire. Audrey catches a glimpse of the cloth, noticing the blood on the sleeve. However, it is only towards the end that Audrey realizes it wasn’t actually blood.

The renowned private detective Connor Miller receives a call for assistance. The investigation gathers momentum when the kidnappers demand a ransom of approximately seventy million dollars, insisting that Nick and Audrey deliver the sum. At the end of the night, Nick and Audrey kill the men who arrive to collect the money, and Connor Miller perishes in a car explosion. The cash is taken away by someone else, and Nick and Audrey learn that the Countess has it. Nevertheless, she is not involved in Vik’s kidnapping.

Realizing that the perpetrator must be one of Vik’s closest associates, Nick and Audrey arrange a meeting for everyone at the Eiffel Tower. As anticipated, the kidnapper arrives, holding Vik hostage with a bomb strapped to his chest. Nick deduces that the kidnapper is an expert in handling such situations, and it becomes apparent that the only person with such expertise was Connor Miller. To everyone’s astonishment, he shows up to collect the money, intending to eliminate any witnesses.

Nick and Audrey engage in a fight with Connor Miller, which results in his demise. With the kidnapper out of the picture and the bomb disarmed, everyone takes a breather. However, a few loose ends still need tying up. The Spitzs knew that the culprit attended the ceremony on the night of Vik’s kidnapping. Miller didn’t arrive until the following day, meaning that the person who arrived with the elephant and discarded the robe was still at large. Audrey experiences a sudden realization when she observes Saira’s hand.

Initially, it appears as though there is blood on Saira’s hand, but it turns out to be smudged henna. Audrey contemplates the ceremony and how Saira was absent when the dance performance began. Saira showed up abruptly after the elephant arrived. Another fact that Audrey remembers is that once the henna sets, it doesn’t smear. Saira claims that it smeared during the chaos, but Audrey knows that it must have happened earlier, during Vik’s kidnapping. Audrey realizes that the stains she saw on the robe weren’t blood but henna, indicating that Saira orchestrated everything. Once the truth comes to light, Saira confesses to her misdeeds.

Who is the killer in Murder Mystery 2?

While Miller may have been responsible for the physical aspects of the kidnapping, Audrey’s quick thinking leads her to identify the mastermind behind the operation: Saira, the Maharajah’s sister (Kuhoo Verma). Frustrated by her parents’ decision to hand over the family business to her slacker brother, Saira hatched a plan to have him assassinated. However, her scheme was foiled by slow-drying henna dye and an observant ex-hairdresser. In a fit of jealousy, Saira grabs a police officer’s gun and aims it at the Maharajah, but Colonel Ulenga (John Kani) takes the bullet in his uninjured arm. Thankfully, Claudette (Mélanie Laurent), the Maharajah’s fiancée, saves the day by striking Saira with a well-placed chair. Finally, everything ends well, doesn’t it?

Why Did Saira Want to Kill Vik?

When Saira comes under suspicion for kidnapping and attempting to murder her brother, she vehemently protests, expressing her deep love for him and asserting that there is no reason for her to harm him. Initially, her argument appears persuasive, but ultimately, it becomes apparent that she is the only one with a motive to harm Vik. Nick surmises that Saira must have harbored resentment towards her brother for inheriting their parents’ business, a job that she was better qualified to handle than her irresponsible brother. She needed to eliminate him to secure her position, which explains why she tried to kill him in Mumbai, resulting in the Colonel losing his left arm.

During the wedding, Saira made a second attempt on Vik’s life, better equipped and prepared this time. The presence of the crowd would ensure that nobody witnessed her actions. She staged Vik’s kidnapping to divert suspicion from herself, knowing that someone would be hired to solve the case. Connor Miller was the best private detective she knew, and she recruited him to participate in the plan. Miller would kidnap Vik and appear the next day to solve the case, thereby keeping other investigators out of the picture and framing someone else for the crime. Saira would secure the family business, and Miller would receive the ransom money. The plan would have succeeded if Nick and Audrey hadn’t intervened.

What’s next for Nick and Audrey?

Murder Mystery 2 Ending 3

Before returning home, Nick and Audrey express their love by attaching a symbolic padlock to a bridge in Paris. The Maharajah surprises them with one more gift — an aide offers them a helicopter and a bag full of cash as a token of appreciation for solving another mystery. Nick and Audrey embark on their well-deserved honeymoon.

However, the happy ending is short-lived. The Spitzes’ helicopter pilot drops his fake European accent and holds them at gunpoint, robbing them of their cash before parachuting out of the aircraft. The scene freezes on Nick and Audrey, stranded high above Greece, their honeymoon ruined by the theft. How will they get out of this predicament? “First and foremost, they need to figure out how to land the helicopter safely,” director Jeremy Garelick tells Tudum. “As they approach Greece, they learn to fly the helicopter on the go. We’ll see how they fare. However, I can guarantee that there will be a substantial damage bill at the end, as is classic Spitzes.

Murder Mystery 3 Needs To Explain What Happens After The Pilot Ending

In the final scene of Murder Mystery 2, Nick and Audrey are seen in a helicopter, clutching a rare and expensive dinosaur leather bag worth $3 million. The European pilot who had flown them to the Maharajah’s private island drops his accent and threatens them with a gun, demanding the case. He then jumps out of the helicopter, leaving the Spitzes to crash.

Regrettably, Murder Mystery 2 did not follow through on the Orient Express tease that was introduced at the end of the first film. As a result, the helicopter pilot may remain an unresolved plot point. Nevertheless, given the pilot’s crucial role in Murder Mystery 2’s dramatic ending, Murder Mystery 3 must continue where the sequel left off. It is too significant of a cliffhanger to overlook, and by leaving it unresolved, a third installment has the opportunity to fill in the gaps.

Murder Mystery 2 is streaming on Netflix now.

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