Perpetrator (2023) Review: A Coming-of-Age Tale with a Twist

Perpetrator (2023) Review

“Perpetrator” (2023) is a unique and bold coming-of-age film that takes audiences on a journey into the mysterious and darkly surreal.

At its core, the movie explores the life of Jonny (Kiah McKirnan), a young girl struggling with the harsh realities of her world. From its intriguing start, the film captures your attention, immersing you in a tale of transformation and self-discovery.

Character Introductions and a Pivotal Change

The film introduces Jonny as a resourceful young woman trying to make ends meet in her own way. Her character immediately draws you in as you witness her unconventional choices and resilience in the face of adversity. This initial setup lays the foundation for the captivating narrative to come.

Jonny’s life takes an unexpected turn when she is sent to live with her eccentric aunt, Hildie (Alicia Silverstone). This marks the beginning of a major shift in the film’s tone and themes.

The character dynamics between Jonny and Hildie are a highlight, showcasing both Silverstone’s enigmatic performance and McKirnan’s unwavering determination.

A Blend of Intriguing Ideas

Written and directed by Jennifer Reeder, “Perpetrator” is a film that isn’t afraid to explore a multitude of ideas, often resulting in a mix of fascinating and perplexing moments. The narrative juggles various themes, from the mystical “Forevering” rite of passage to the eerie practices of Jonny’s prep school.

While some of these ideas add depth to the story and complement each other, others feel disjointed and distracting, leaving certain plot points unresolved.

Questions about “massacre drills” at the school and the concept of “Forevering” are intriguing but could have benefited from further clarification.

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Visual Brilliance and Emotional Depth

Despite the narrative’s complexity, Jennifer Reeder and cinematographer Sevdije Kastrati excel in creating a visually captivating world. The film transitions seamlessly between gothic interiors, a surreal prep school, and an underground realm of horrors.

The imagery is both haunting and beautiful, effectively conveying the emotional turmoil of the characters.

One standout scene, where Jonny’s “Forevering” takes an unexpected turn, leaves an indelible mark. The visual spectacle, combined with McKirnan’s powerful performance, elicits a visceral response, showcasing the director’s talent in evoking intense emotions.

A Performer’s Showcase

Kiah McKirnan and Alicia Silverstone deliver standout performances that breathe life into their respective characters. Silverstone’s portrayal is a perfect blend of mystery and whimsy, while McKirnan’s Jonny is defiant and headstrong.

Their interactions are filled with tension, making for some of the film’s most engaging moments.

A Film of Many Layers

“Perpetrator” is a movie that tackles a range of issues faced by girls and women, from the fear of losing identity to the obsession with youth. It delves into themes of empowerment, empathy, and the fight against sexism.

While the film’s messaging isn’t always crystal clear, it remains compelling because of the dedication of its cast and the intriguing ideas it explores.

“Perpetrator” is a cinematic experience that challenges convention and embraces the bizarre. Jennifer Reeder’s direction, combined with stellar performances, creates a world that is both enchanting and enigmatic.

While the film may leave some questions unanswered, its thought-provoking themes and emotional depth make it a must-see for those who appreciate cinema that defies expectations and provokes contemplation.

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