The Changeling Review: A Mystical Journey into Love and Darkness

The Changeling review

The Apple TV+ series “The Changeling,” adapted from Victor LaValle’s enigmatic novel, is a mesmerizing eight-episode journey that defies easy categorization. This adaptation, narrated by the author himself, mirrors the novel’s difficulty in encapsulating its essence.

“The Changeling” is a treasure trove of surprises that unfolds in a rich, magical world, making it a formidable challenge to summarize.

Romance and Mystery Intertwined

The series masterfully immerses viewers in a compelling mystery, subtly drawing them into its enigmatic web. The narrative begins by introducing Apollo Kagwa, portrayed brilliantly by LaKeith Stanfield, a passionate used book dealer.

His whirlwind romance with Emma Valentine, portrayed by the talented Clark Backo, is the series’ emotional heart. The story delves into their shared past traumas, creating an instant connection between them.

Unveiling a Supernatural Reality

As the narrative unfolds, it becomes evident that both Apollo and Emma have experienced peculiar and intense events throughout their lives. Emma’s tragic past and Apollo’s haunting visions lay the foundation for an otherworldly story.

When Emma’s impending move to Brazil is revealed, it marks only the beginning of a series of eerie events that will bind their fates.

A Blend of World-Building and Patience

“The Changeling” demands patience from its viewers due to its slow-burning, world-building approach. This approach pays off remarkably well. Kelly Marcel, known for her work on the Venom film series, crafts the series like a dreamy, atmospheric Brothers Grimm-inspired fairy tale.

The narrative shifts between timelines, offering thought-provoking insights into the complexities of modern romance, parenthood, and the supernatural.

Exploring the Paranoia of Parenthood

The series delves into the delirious paranoia of new parenthood, skillfully blending it with the supernatural occurrences both Emma and Lillian, played by Adina Porter, experienced.

It raises questions about the thin line between reality and hallucination, especially for sleep-deprived parents. The theme of parental sacrifice and the darkness that runs in Apollo’s bloodline serve as powerful undercurrents.

A Masterful Blend of Elements

“The Changeling” excels due to its impressive production design and the talents of its creative team, including director Melina Matsoukas. LaKeith Stanfield’s portrayal of Apollo is the anchor, his everyman energy endearing him to the audience.

Adina Porter’s luminous performance as Lillian shines, particularly in the standout seventh episode. Samuel T. Herring’s acting debut adds a unique flavor to the series. However, it’s Clark Backo’s performance as Emma that steals the show, grounding the narrative and adding depth to her character’s descent into darkness.

A Few Minor Flaws

While “The Changeling” is a compelling series, it does have some flaws. The slow burn in the middle of the series may test the patience of some viewers, and the series leaves certain supernatural elements underexplained.

The ambiguous finale might leave some wanting more answers. However, these shortcomings do not significantly detract from the overall experience.

Conclusion: An Enchanting Storybook Series

In conclusion, “The Changeling” offers a unique and enchanting viewing experience. Its willingness to challenge conventional storytelling and its commitment to world-building make it one of the year’s most distinctive offerings.

While it may not cater to those seeking immediate answers, it captivates with its mesmerizing blend of romance, mystery, and the supernatural, solidifying its place as a must-watch series for those who appreciate original and thought-provoking storytelling.

Release Date and Cast:
“The Changeling” premieres on Friday, September 8, exclusively on Apple TV+. The series stars LaKeith Stanfield, Clark Backo, Adina Porter, Samuel T. Herring, Malcolm Barrett, and Jane Kaczmarek.

Creative Team:
Kelly Marcel serves as the creator and writer of the series. It is directed by a talented team including Melina Matsoukas, Jonathan van Tulleken, Dana Gonzales, Michael Francis Williams, and Solvan ‘Slick’ Naim.

Target Audience:
This series will appeal to enthusiasts of Brothers Grimm fairy tales, mystery lovers, and those intrigued by the vibrant backdrop of New York City.

Episode Count:
We had the opportunity to watch all eight episodes of “The Changeling.”

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