Assam Down Town University Introduces Certificate Course in Film Appreciation

Assam down town University, a prominent private university in North East India, is launching an undergraduate certificate program in Film Appreciation to enrich students’ aesthetic and entertainment horizons. This six-month program is meticulously designed to impart fundamental knowledge about the art of filmmaking and the appreciation of its critical value.

According to Dr N. C. Talukdar, VC, Assam down town University, the course will initially be available only to university students. After the initial six-month, the program will be extended to external students, film enthusiasts, and professionals in the film industry. He also hinted at the university’s ambitious plans to offer diploma and degree programs, emphasizing the university’s commitment to fostering a flourishing film culture.

Utpal Datta, the honorary Dean of the Programme of Performing Arts at Assam downtown University, will lead the course. Mr. Datta is a nationally acclaimed film critic and filmmaker, whose book ‘Chalachitrar Rasaswadan’ was awarded the best book on film writing at the Assam State Film Awards. Additionally, this seminal work has been incorporated into the curricula of several universities and translated into English as ‘Film Appreciation,’ earning praise from both academics and practitioners in the field.

Utpal Datta expressed his enthusiasm for the course, highlighting the participation of eminent cinema scholars and practitioners. There will be prominent figures such as National Award-winning cinematographer Supratim Bhol, National award-winning film editor Aseem Sinha, National award-winning film critic and film scholar Dr. Piyush Roy, Film maker and writer Ranjan Ghosh, Dr Sanchari Chaudhury, Professor Flame University, Dr Surabhi Biplove, academician, Kankana Chakravarty, Filmmaker and former student of New York Film Academy and prolific editor-director Ratan S Sarma contributing to the course content. Students will gain valuable insight into the multifaceted world of filmmaking and appreciation as a result of their involvement.

The introduction of the Film Appreciation course at Assam down town University demonstrates the institution’s commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of cinema and nurturing talent within the region. It is expected that the university’s cinematic aspirations will have a significant impact on the world of film education and appreciation as it opens up its doors to a broader audience in the future.

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