Jatin Bora’s ‘Raghav’ Set to Release on October 27

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Following the success of the smash hit ‘Ratnakar’, actor Jatin Bora is now geared up to impress viewers with his remarkable acting abilities and charisma in the eagerly awaited film ‘Raghav’. This film is slated for release on October 27.

The movie ‘Raghav’ is produced by Navanita Sharma Bora and Jatin Bora under their company, JB Productions. The film is directed by Jatin Bora himself and is expected to offer an entertaining mix of action and drama, much like ‘Ratnakar’.

Jatin Bora recently unveiled the film’s trailer which is aimed at all types of viewers, including families. The trailer has made people look forward to the film’s release.

The movie ‘Raghav’ tells the story of a taxi driver who loves his family and brings happiness to others. But when he is betrayed even though he has always put others first, his life changes completely.

Facing many difficulties, the main character becomes angry and seeks revenge but later realizes the value of his relationships and what really matters in life.

The character played by Jatin Bora is easy to relate to, as he tries to balance his love, duties, and dreams.

Watch the Trailer Here

The movie ‘Raghav’ guarantees a thrilling journey of emotions due to its captivating story, strong acting, and action scenes. It showcases some of the most intense action scenes in Assamese cinema, all under the guidance of famous South Indian action experts. Jatin Bora prepared for his physically challenging role by following a tough workout routine.

Jatin Bora continues to charm the Assamese film industry with his charisma, despite the passing years. The song ‘Silmil Tupanite’ from ‘Raghav’ has become a hit online, with over a million views on YouTube. Another touching song, ‘Maa O Maa’, is also receiving great feedback from YouTube viewers.

Maa O Maa

Promotion for ‘Raghav’ is going strong, with the team visiting different parts of the state. Jatin Bora’s investment in this high-budget film shows JB Production’s dedication to producing quality entertainment.

With recent successful films in Assamese cinema, ‘Raghav’ comes at a time when more people are going to the theater and showing interest in films.

The film features talented actors, including Mridula Boruah, Hiranya Deka, Nishita Goswami, Sumi Borah, Bibhuti Bhusan Hazarika, and more. The story, script, and dialogues are by Abhijit Bhattacharjya, while Zubeen Garg directs the music. Pradip Daimary is in charge of cinematography, and Rajesh Kannan directs the action scenes.

Debajit Changmai and Amrit Pritam are responsible for the film’s sound design. Jyoti Shankar Bhattacharyya is the art director, and Rajesh Yadav is the DI colorist. Navanita Sharma Bora handles costumes and production, and Protim Khaound is in charge of editing and visual promotions. Pankaj Ingti and Deepak Dey choreographed the songs, and Biswajit Kalita is the makeup artist. Monuj Kumar Mishra is the production manager. Assistant directors include Arindom Kashyap, Anindita Kalita, Bhargab Adhyapak, Surajit Phukan, and Abhijit Chutia.

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