Hania Aamir and Badshah – Are They Dating?

Hania Aamir, the dazzling Pakistani actress who captivated Indian audiences with her performance in the show “Mere Humsafar,” caused a stir recently when she was spotted hanging out with none other than the renowned Indian rapper, Badshah. The unexpected rendezvous between these two stars set tongues wagging and sparked a flurry of speculation across social media platforms.

Unexpected Outing Unveiled

Breaking the internet on December 1, 2023, Hania Aamir sent shockwaves through her fanbase by sharing snapshots from an unexpected shopping spree with Badshah. Sporting a casual sleeveless sweater and a makeup-free, bespectacled look, Hania exuded a charmingly nerdy vibe. Meanwhile, Badshah rocked a relaxed style in a loose-fitting green t-shirt, exuding an air of nonchalant coolness. The chemistry between them was palpable, evident in Hania’s infectious giggles that echoed through the pictures.

In a series of snaps and videos, Hania shared glimpses of their outing, including a delightful selfie capturing her radiant smile and a candid shot of Badshah seemingly at ease in her company. Among the videos was a light-hearted moment where Hania amusingly questioned the waiter about the unconventional glass her drink was served in, sparking laughter between the two.

Social Media’s Speculative Frenzy

As anticipated, the online sphere erupted in a frenzy of curiosity and speculation the moment Hania unveiled her hangout session with Badshah. Flooded with reactions, her social media comments section became a melting pot of conjectures and queries. Netizens couldn’t help but speculate, with comments pondering if there was something brewing romantically between the two, while others expressed disbelief and shared playful warnings against any potential romance blooming between the stars.

Hania’s Bollywood Connection

This recent outing isn’t the first time Hania Aamir has had the Indian entertainment world buzzing. Her penchant for Bollywood dance numbers has previously set social media ablaze. Earlier, on February 26, 2023, Hania treated her followers to snippets of her dancing prowess at a wedding. The videos showcased her grooving to popular Indian tracks like “Bijlee Bijlee,” “Current Laga,” “Koi Mil Gaya,” and “Nai Jana,” further solidifying her admiration for Indian culture. Alongside the videos, she shared vibrant photos from the wedding celebration, giving a special shout-out to her favorite dance partner.

A Glimpse into Hania’s Career and Personal Life

With a string of successful films and television shows under her belt since her 2016 debut in “Janaan,” Hania Aamir has established herself as a prominent figure in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. Her notable performances in movies like “Na Maloom Afraad 2,” “Parwaaz Hai Junoon,” and others have earned her widespread acclaim. However, it was her role in “Mere Humsafar” that catapulted her to international fame, garnering her a massive global fanbase.

While Hania prefers to keep her personal life out of the public eye, rumors have previously swirled linking her romantically with Aasim Azhar, her co-actor from the show “Sassi.”


As Hania Aamir continues to captivate audiences on both sides of the border with her talent and charm, her recent outing with Badshah has undoubtedly set the rumor mill spinning. Whether this playful hangout signals the start of something new or is merely a casual friendship, it remains a hot topic for speculation, keeping fans eagerly anticipating more glimpses into the lives of these beloved stars.

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