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Saltburn Ending Explained: What Happened to Felix?

Embark on a riveting journey as we dissect the haunting conclusion of Saltburn, peeling back the layers of deception orchestrated by Oliver Quick (Ollie). Emerald Fennell’s dark thriller navigates the privileged corridors of Oxford University, ultimately revealing a malevolent narrative that revolves around Ollie’s insidious obsession with Felix Catton and the opulent Saltburn estate.

A Cinematic Tapestry: Echoes of The Talented Mr. Ripley

Before delving into the intricate web of Saltburn’s conclusion, it’s crucial to acknowledge the film’s resonances with Anthony Minghella’s The Talented Mr. Ripley. The parallels between Ollie’s infatuation with Felix and Tom Ripley’s fixation on Dickie Greenleaf underscore the film’s descent into a realm where parasitism takes on a twisted, human form.

The Climax: Unraveling the Catton Family Tragedy

Saltburn’s narrative crescendos after Felix’s abrupt demise, initially shrouded in the ambiguity of an accidental overdose. However, the veneer of the Catton family’s formality disintegrates, laying bare dark secrets that culminate in Farleigh’s expulsion and Venetia’s tragic death in a blood-filled bathtub.

Ollie’s Sinister Machinations

Ollie’s Poisonous Plot

Beneath the veneer of tragedy lies Ollie’s chilling confession: Felix’s death was no accident or suicide. Ollie meticulously poisoned Felix, employing a lethal dose of cocaine, the same substance that played a pivotal role in Farleigh’s disownment. Ollie’s motives become crystal clear – a calculated scheme to wrest control of Saltburn from its rightful heirs.

Venetia’s Framed Demise

Ollie wastes no time in eliminating the last vestige of the Catton lineage – Venetia. Framing her death as a suicide, Ollie capitalizes on her vulnerable state. Exploiting the chaotic aftermath of Felix’s demise, Ollie orchestrates Venetia’s tragic end, eliminating a threat to his unhindered pursuit of Saltburn’s legacy. Notably, a police investigation into the deaths of Felix and Venetia is conspicuously absent, a testament to Ollie’s artful evasion.

Graveyard Perversity

Perhaps the most disturbing scene in Saltburn unfolds above Felix’s grave, where Ollie’s inner turmoil erupts. His naked, sexually charged display is a manifestation of an unsettling love/hate dynamic towards Felix. This grotesque spectacle underscores Ollie’s desperation for rank, power, and wealth, portraying him as a heathen consumed by a twisted desire.

Ollie’s Patient Machination

Exploiting James’ Death

Ollie’s exit from Saltburn, laden with a hefty check and adherence to James Catton’s vehement wish for him never to return, sets the stage for a patient machination. Content in his newfound wealth, Ollie bides his time, waiting for James’ natural demise. Armed with the knowledge of James’ passing, he seizes the opportune moment to reenter Saltburn and manipulate Elspeth, thus solidifying his position as the rightful heir.

Decoding Saltburn’s Conclusion

The film’s denouement positions Ollie as the sole survivor, poised to claim the coveted Saltburn estate. Despite Ollie’s professed love for Felix, his actions lay bare a darker truth – he is a monster driven solely by insatiable greed and a lust for power. Saltburn’s conclusion is a damning indictment of Ollie’s sociopathy, murder, and deceit, unraveling the Catton family’s legacy for his self-indulgent dance within their opulent mansion.

The Fallout: A Legacy Torn Asunder

As the credits roll on Saltburn, we are left to grapple with the aftermath of Ollie’s malevolence. The film serves as a chilling reminder of the darkness that can lurk beneath the façade of wealth and privilege, leaving the Catton family’s legacy in tatters. The once-storied Saltburn estate, now tainted by betrayal and bloodshed, stands as a testament to the destructive forces unleashed by Ollie’s calculated pursuit of power.

The Echoes of Deception

Saltburn’s conclusion echoes with the haunting reverberations of Ollie’s deceit. The film, wrapped in a cloak of betrayal and manipulation, forces us to confront the malevolent potential that lies beneath the surface of seemingly idyllic lives. As we navigate the aftermath of Saltburn, we are left with a sense of unease, pondering the intricate dance of deception that led to the demise of the Catton family and the tarnishing of Saltburn’s once-glorious legacy.

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