Who is Sana Javed? Pakistani actor and Shoaib Malik’s wife

Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik recently embarked on his third marital journey, this time with renowned Pakistani actor Sana Javed. The couple joyously shared glimpses of their special day on Instagram, radiating happiness and love.

Shoaib, previously married to Indian tennis star Sania Mirza, celebrated his union with Sana, showcasing a beautiful blend of sports and entertainment in their intertwined lives.

Captivating Moments in Beige and Tradition

The Instagram post featured heartwarming photos of the couple, elegantly adorned in traditional attire. Shoaib donned a beige sherwani, while Sana looked radiant in a traditional outfit. Their joint caption, “Alhamdullilah (red heart emoji). ‘And We created you in pairs'”, added a touch of spiritual resonance to the celebration.

Unveiling Sana Javed: A Star in Her Own Right

Sana’s Acting Journey

Sana Javed, a prominent figure in Urdu television, embarked on her acting career with the debut series “Shehr-e-Zaat” in 2012. She garnered acclaim for her roles in various serials, most notably earning a Lux Style Awards nomination for her portrayal in the romantic drama “Khaani.” Her notable works include social dramas like “Ruswai” and “Dunk,” showcasing her versatility in the world of Pakistani entertainment.

Previous Marital Chapter

Before tying the knot with Shoaib Malik, Sana was previously married to Pakistani actor and singer-songwriter Umair Jaswal. However, the two decided to part ways after an intimate nikah ceremony in 2020, as reported by Siasat.com.

Recent Endeavors

Sana’s recent project, the romantic drama “Sukoon,” directed by Seraj ul Haq, delved into the pursuit of peace and contentment amidst life’s challenges. The actress, who appeared alongside Ahsan Khan in the series, garnered attention not only for her acting prowess but also her significant weight loss, a topic she discussed on a talk show.

Sana Javed: A Glimpse into Her Personal and Professional Journey

Childhood and Personal Life

Sana Javed was born on March 25, 1993, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to Pakistani parents with roots in Hyderabad. After completing her schooling at the Pakistan International School in Jeddah, she moved to Karachi, where she pursued her graduation at the University of Karachi. In October 2020, she tied the knot with singer Umair Jaswal, and in January 2024, she embraced marital bliss with cricket star Shoaib Malik.

Professional Journey

Starting as a young model, Sana transitioned into acting with a supporting role in the series “Mera Pehla Pyar” in 2012. Her breakthrough came in 2016 with the role of an antagonist in Hum TV’s romantic drama “Zara Yaad Kar.” In 2017, she made her film debut with “Mehrunisa V Lub U,” marking a significant stride in her career.

Awards and Recognition

Sana Javed’s talent has been duly recognized in the industry. Notably, her lead role in “Khaani” earned her a Lux Style Award nomination, while her portrayal of a rape survivor in “Ruswai” secured a PISA Award for Best Actress Critics.

The Talk of the Town: Shoaib Malik and Sana Javed’s Love Story Unveiled

Amidst rumors of romance and separation, the union of Shoaib Malik and Sana Javed has become the talk of the town. Fans, initially intrigued by speculations, are now eager to delve into the details of Sana’s life. Her journey from the glitz of the entertainment world to the cricket pitch has captivated the imaginations of many.

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