Spartacus House Of Ashur Release Date & Everything Else

Starz has officially given the green light to “Spartacus: House of Ashur,” a new series set in the heart of gladiator intrigue.

The series will mark the return of Nick Tarabay as Ashur, and Steven S. DeKnight, the original creator of “Spartacus,” will be on board as the executive producer and showrunner. The announcement follows earlier reports of the series being in development back in February.

The Unveiling of “Spartacus: House of Ashur”

The upcoming series poses a captivating question for fans: What if Ashur hadn’t met his demise on Mount Vesuvius at the conclusion of “Spartacus: Vengeance”? What if, in a twist of fate, he had been granted ownership of the gladiator school formerly owned by Batiatus as a reward for assisting the Romans in quelling the Spartacus-led slave rebellion?

Returning to the Arena with Ashur

Nick Tarabay, reprising his role as Ashur, brings a layer of familiarity to the series, promising viewers a captivating continuation of the “Spartacus” legacy. The series explores the consequences and possibilities stemming from Ashur’s survival and his new role in the gladiator school.

Excitement in the Starz Arena

Kathryn Busby, President of Original Programming at Starz, expressed enthusiasm for the return to the “Spartacus” universe, stating, “A decade ago, the groundbreaking original ‘Spartacus’ captivated viewers worldwide, and we’re excited to deliver more enthralling, high-octane drama that our fervent fans have been anticipating.” The collaboration with Steven S. DeKnight ensures a seamless expansion of the gripping narrative within this action-packed universe.

A Decade Later: Crafting a New Chapter

Steven S. DeKnight, reflecting on the opportunity to revisit a series he loved, remarked, “To be afforded the opportunity to return a decade later to a series you loved is such a rare, wonderful opportunity. I could not be more excited to craft this next chapter in the Spartacus saga with Starz, Lionsgate, and the incomparable Nick Tarabay.”

Production Details and Oversight

Lionsgate Television is set to produce “Spartacus: House of Ashur,” with Karen Bailey overseeing the series for Starz and Jocelyn Sabo overseeing for Lionsgate TV. The collaboration between the creative minds at Starz and Lionsgate promises a thrilling continuation of the Spartacus saga.

A Legacy of Gladiatorial Drama

“Spartacus” originally debuted on Starz in 2010, capturing audiences with its intense storytelling and visceral action. The series continued with the prequel “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena” in 2011 and subsequent seasons, including “Spartacus: Vengeance” in 2012 and “Spartacus: War of the Damned” in 2013.

Looking Ahead to Glorious Battles

As “Spartacus: House of Ashur” gets the official nod, fans can anticipate the return of epic gladiatorial battles, political intrigue, and the indomitable spirit of Ashur in this eagerly awaited chapter of the beloved series. The arena beckons, and the stage is set for a thrilling continuation of the Spartacus saga on Starz.

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