Where is Sherry Cleckler Now?

Crafting compelling narratives out of a real-life tragedy that reverberated beyond the borders of Texas, both ‘Candy’ and ‘Love & Death’ delve into the chilling events of June 13, 1980, when Betty Gore met a gruesome end within the confines of her own home. Betty, a mother of two, fell victim to 41 brutal slashes allegedly inflicted by her once-close friend Candy Montgomery.

The catalyst for this horrific act was a sudden confrontation sparked by Betty’s discovery of Candy’s affair with her husband, Allan Gore. However, for those seeking insights into the steadfast companion who stood by Candy throughout this harrowing ordeal, look no further than her confidant, Sherry Cleckler.

So, who exactly is Sherry Cleckler?

According to the narratives presented in the late 70s and early 80s, Sherry was not just Candy’s business partner but an integral part of a newly established decorating venture named The Cover Girls.

Their connection went beyond professional ties, as they shared the intricacies of their lives – the joyous, the melancholic, the sinful, and the innocent. This deep bond between them provided a robust support system, allowing Candy to confide in Sherry about her yearning for a physical affair, a desire to break free from the monotony of daily life, and even about her clandestine rendezvous with Allan Gore.

Where is Sherry Cleckler Now?

Sherry Cleckler, the trusted confidant in Candy Montgomery’s tumultuous life, was privy to the intimate details of Candy’s extramarital affairs, often meeting over coffee for candid gossip sessions. Their bond was so strong that Sherry even stepped in as a babysitter when the need arose.

According to ‘Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs’ by Jim Atkinson and John Bloom, Sherry was well-informed about Candy’s separation from Allan and her initiation of a new romantic relationship in late 1979. The book even suggests that the two friends, in their pursuit of carefree enjoyment, frequented a singles bar during their husbands’ absences, yet Sherry maintained her boundaries.

As for Sherry Cleckler’s current whereabouts, she not only played the role of a confidant but also emerged as one of Candy’s staunchest supporters and protectors, shielding her from the prying eyes of reporters whenever possible.

Following the murder of Betty, the entire Montgomery family sought refuge with the Clecklers, given the overwhelming attention they were receiving. On the day of the incident itself, Sherry had sensed something amiss when she visited Candy in the afternoon to pick up a card table, noticing her friend’s unusual behavior. However, the pieces of the puzzle only fell into place later.

Fast forward more than four decades, and Sherry and Candy seem to have drifted apart, each leading distinct lives. While Candy has reverted to her maiden name and currently serves as a mental health counselor in Georgia, Sherry remains rooted in her native Texas. The 74-year-old, once the proprietor of a beauty shop, appears to relish her time in the Lone Star State alongside her husband and at least one son, embracing a life far removed from the gripping events of the past.

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