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Who Is Peso Pluma Dating? All About Nicki Nicole

Unraveling the threads of romance and collaboration, the dynamic duo of Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole share a connection that transcends both the stage and the heart.

Their story began to weave its melody when they joined forces for the remix of Peso Pluma’s track “Por Las Noches” in February 2023. Initially shrouded in a veil of mystery, their relationship took center stage when a tender kiss sealed the confirmation of their romance at one of Nicki Nicole’s concerts in November of the same year.

Nicki Nicole, born as Nicole Denise Cucco, has been making waves in the music scene since 2019, while Peso Pluma, whose real name is Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, marked his entry with his debut single in 2020.

A fascinating blend of musical genres defines this power couple — Peso Pluma reigning over the Mexican regional music domain, while Nicki Nicole conquers the charts with her captivating Argentinian hip-hop creations. Despite the apparent differences in their musical realms, a magnetic connection swiftly united their artistic spirits.

Although the details of their courtship remain discreetly veiled, Nicki Nicole has not shied away from expressing her admiration for Peso Pluma’s craft.

In a moment of shared spotlight during a concert in Mexico City, she lauded him with words of praise, declaring him “one of the great artists of your country” and emphasizing his exceptional talent and personal warmth.

So, who is the woman behind Peso Pluma’s heartstrings? Nicki Nicole emerges as a multifaceted artist, weaving her narrative through the tapestry of the music industry. The intricacies of her relationship with the talented musician unfold in the silent notes of shared glances and the harmonious rhythm of their collaboration.

Together, Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole create a symphony that transcends genres, proving that love and artistry, when entwined, produce a melody that resonates far beyond the stage.

Who is Peso Pluma Dating

About Nicki Nicole

In the heart of Rosario, Argentina, on August 25, 2000, Nicki Nicole was welcomed into the world, becoming the youngest member of a vibrant family that included two brothers and a sister.

Reflecting on her formative years in an interview with Billboard in September 2022, the singer painted a vivid picture of the place she calls home. In her native Spanish, she spoke of Rosario as a special haven, a place that holds a unique resonance because it is where she blossomed and took root. Recalling a childhood marked by outdoor adventures, she reminisced, saying, “I grew up in the generation that still went outside to the street to play… I’d go back to the house covered in dirt.”

Nicki Nicole further unveiled the rich tapestry of her musical upbringing during an interview with Wonderland Magazine in July 2023. As the youngest sibling in a household spanning different generations, she reveled in the diverse array of musical genres that echoed through the walls of her home. This auditory mosaic became the backdrop of her early connection to music.

“Since I was a little girl, I used to sing at home with my family, in the kitchen or anywhere I could,” she shared with Wonderland Magazine. Her passion for performance was so profound that she ingeniously transformed a simple broomstick into a makeshift microphone, using it to deliver captivating performances for anyone who would lend an ear.

Nicki Nicole’s journey from the dirt-covered streets of Rosario to the global stage is not just a testament to her undeniable talent but a celebration of a musical odyssey shaped by the diverse melodies that echoed through the halls of her familial home.

She and Peso Pluma released a song together in February 2023

The serendipitous collaboration between Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole unfurled its first notes when they joined forces to remix Peso Pluma’s enchanting melody, “Por Las Noches,” in the harmonious month of February 2023. The musical journey they embarked on together would soon resonate beyond the studio walls.

In a revealing conversation with Latina Magazine just four months later, Nicki Nicole bared her thoughts on working alongside the emerging Mexican regional artist. With genuine admiration, she expressed her love for Peso Pluma’s music, recounting the surreal moment when he extended the invitation to remix a song that held a special place in her own playlist. “When he invited me to do the remix of that song, it was very crazy because it was one of his songs that I listened to the most. I jumped on the song with absolute pleasure,” she shared, painting a picture of a collaboration fueled by mutual appreciation.

Nicki Nicole, known for her prowess in the realm of Argentinian hip-hop, acknowledged the challenge of exploring a different musical genre. Reflecting on this transition, she admitted, “It was a bit difficult for me to get on a song with that kind of style, but he helped me there. He motivated me to jump on the track.” The partnership, it seems, not only created a captivating remix but also served as a testament to the power of artistic collaboration and encouragement.

In the fusion of Peso Pluma’s Mexican regional charm and Nicki Nicole’s Argentinian hip-hop flair, a musical alchemy took shape—one that not only resonated with fans but also solidified a connection that transcended genres and echoed the harmonious spirit of their creative collaboration.

A Duet Illuminated: Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole’s Spellbinding Performance

In the illustrious setting of the 2023 Billboard Latin Music Awards at the Watsco Center in Coral Gables, Florida, Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole took center stage, enchanting the audience with their musical synergy.

The magic unfolded in October 2023, as they donned matching white outfits, creating a visual harmony that mirrored the melodies they crafted together. A tender moment at the end of their performance, marked by a forehead kiss, added an extra layer of intrigue to the growing speculation surrounding their relationship. A backstage clip, capturing the duo holding hands, found its way to Billboard’s Instagram, further stoking the flames of curiosity.

Unveiling Romance: Mexico City Concert and Confirmed Affection

A month later, at Nicki Nicole’s concert at the Pepsi Center in Mexico City, the duo publicly acknowledged their romantic connection. Taking the stage hand in hand, they performed their collaborative masterpiece, “Por Las Noches — Remix.” The audience’s chants for a kiss were met with a heartfelt moment as Peso Pluma expressed gratitude and sealed the performance with a kiss.

Nicki Nicole reciprocated the sentiment, declaring love before the duo disappeared offstage. Social media became a canvas for their shared moments, with Nicki Nicole expressing gratitude on Instagram, solidifying their bond.

Red Carpet Debut: Latin Grammys Extravaganza

Stepping onto the illustrious red carpet at the 2023 Latin Grammys in Seville, Spain, Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole made a dazzling appearance as a couple. The event marked a crescendo in their journey, with Peso Pluma earning nominations for best regional Mexican song and song of the year, while Nicki Nicole contended for best urban music album and best rap/hip-hop song.

Their sartorial choices, Nicki Nicole in a striking red latex dress and Peso Pluma in an all-black ensemble, spoke volumes about their individuality within the shared spotlight. In a candid interview with Rolling Stone, they articulated their support for each other, affirming a connection that extended beyond the stage.

Past Echoes: Nicki Nicole’s Journey with Trueno

Before the symphony with Peso Pluma, Nicki Nicole’s heart found its rhythm with Argentinian rapper Trueno from 2020 to 2022. Their musical collaboration on “Mamichula” paved the way for a profound connection, both in music and love.

The couple created a harmonious blend, collaborating on multiple tracks, including “Dangerous,” “Vuelvo hacia ti,” and “Vente Conmigo.” However, the echoes of their love found a poignant expression in Nicki Nicole’s 2023 album, “Alma,” a testament to healing through vulnerability. In an interview with Latina Magazine, she shared the therapeutic nature of baring her soul through music and the joy of offering that healing to her fans.

Coachella Debut: Nicki Nicole’s U.S. Unveiling

In a dazzling U.S. debut at Coachella on the Sonora stage in April 2022, Nicki Nicole left an indelible mark with performances of hits like “Wapo Traketero,” “Colocao,” and “Baby.” Navigating the nerves of being a relatively unknown artist on a grand stage, her fears were dispelled by the overwhelming support of a “huge crowd.” Reflecting on the dream-come-true moment, she expressed gratitude for the opportunity and affirmed her determination to grace the main stage in the future.

In this symphony of love, music, and personal growth, Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole continue to captivate audiences, each note resonating with authenticity and shared passion.


In the ever-curious world of celebrity dating, Peso Pluma’s love life has become the subject of much speculation. But who is he really dating? Through research and analysis, we have unraveled some of the mysteries surrounding his romantic interests. From social media hints to paparazzi sightings, it’s clear that Peso Pluma is not one to publicly flaunt his relationships.

However, one thing is certain – his love life remains shrouded in secrecy and leaves us all wondering who he could possibly be dating. Let the rumors continue to swirl!

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