Hannah Swensen Mysteries in Order (2015-2023)

Initially, these charming Hallmark originals graced our screens under the moniker “Murder, She Baked” (from 2015-2017). However, starting with the sixth episode in 2021, Hallmark decided to give the movie series a fresh identity, now christening it the “Hannah Swensen Mysteries.”

Drawing inspiration from the beloved crime fiction novels penned by Joanne Fluke, the TV mini-series unfolds with Alison Sweeney at the forefront, stepping into the shoes of the pastry chef turned amateur detective, Hannah Swensen!

If you’re on the lookout for the optimal sequence to savor the enigmatic tales of Hannah Swensen, take a gander at my curated list below. It unveils intricate details of each movie or episode, meticulously arranged in the chronological order of their release – all accurate up to October 2022. Rest assured, should any new Hannah Swensen Mysteries grace our screens, this list will be promptly updated. So, make it a point to bookmark or share this post to stay in the loop with the latest updates! And, if you’re keen on diving into the Hannah Swensen Mysteries in book form, be sure to explore my recent post cataloging the entire series, including the latest releases, presented below.

For a peek into more of my cherished Hallmark mystery movies – elegantly lined up in the order of their unveiling – scroll down.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery (2015)

In this delectable installment, the aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies intertwines with the intrigue of a captivating mystery. Released in 2015, “Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery” follows Hannah Swensen, portrayed by Alison Sweeney, as she navigates the sweet world of baking while unraveling a puzzling conundrum.

Plum Pudding Mystery (2015)

With a burst of holiday flavor, “Plum Pudding Mystery” (2015) adds a festive twist to the Hannah Swensen Mysteries. Join our amateur sleuth, Hannah, as she delves into a Christmas conundrum, blending the warmth of the season with the suspense of a well-crafted mystery.

Peach Cobbler Mystery (2016)

Bringing a taste of summer to the series, “Peach Cobbler Mystery” (2016) whisks viewers away on a sun-soaked adventure. Alison Sweeney reprises her role as Hannah Swensen, blending the allure of peach cobbler with the unraveling of a captivating mystery that will keep audiences guessing until the final bite.

Deadly Recipe (2016)

In the heart of the Hannah Swensen Mysteries, “Deadly Recipe” (2016) serves up a concoction of suspense and intrigue. Alison Sweeney reprises her role as Hannah Swensen, the amateur detective with a penchant for pastries. As the oven heats up, so does the mystery, making this installment a tantalizing blend of danger and dessert.

Just Desserts (2017)

Indulge in the tantalizing world of “Just Desserts” (2017) as Hannah Swensen, portrayed by Alison Sweeney, whips up both delectable treats and detective work. This installment, released in 2017, promises a devious plot served alongside mouthwatering desserts, creating a perfect recipe for mystery enthusiasts.

Sweet Revenge (2023)

With a dash of intrigue and a dollop of suspense, “Sweet Revenge” (2023) unfolds another chapter in the Hannah Swensen Mysteries. Alison Sweeney returns as the amateur sleuth, delving into a tale where revenge is best served with a side of sweetness. Brace yourself for a devious plot and a delightful dose of Hannah’s investigative prowess.

Carrot Cake Murder (2023)

Step into the delectable world of “Carrot Cake Murder” (2023), where the aroma of baking blends seamlessly with the intensity of a gripping mystery. Alison Sweeney shines once again as Hannah Swensen, using her culinary skills to uncover the truth behind a perplexing case. Released in 2019, this installment promises a devious twist alongside the familiar taste of carrot cake.

A Zest for Death (2023)

Adding a tangy twist to the series, “A Zest for Death” (2023) invites viewers into a world where zest meets deadly secrets. Alison Sweeney, in her role as Hannah Swensen, takes on another intriguing case, where the flavors of mystery and citrus blend seamlessly. Released in 2023, this installment promises a zestful journey into the heart of crime and confectionery.

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