Shaitaan 2024 OTT Release Date and Platform

In March 2024, the Indian supernatural horror film Shaitaan made its theatrical debut, captivating audiences with its Hindi-language rendition. Directed by Vikas Bahl, the film features Ajay Devgn in the lead role, portraying a modern adaptation of the classic battle between good and evil.

As the theatrical screenings continue to draw crowds, fans eagerly anticipate its streaming release for a chance to experience the spine-chilling tale from the comfort of their homes.

When Will Shaitaan Be Available for Streaming?

To gauge the potential streaming release date of Shaitaan, one can examine the past distribution patterns of Pen Studios, the Indian production company behind the film.

Analyzing the release timelines of Pen Studios’ previous four films, such as 2022’s Attack: Part 1 and Chup: Revenge of the Artist, reveals a consistent pattern. These films made their way to streaming platforms like Zee5 approximately two months after their theatrical debuts.

However, the journey to streaming platforms varies for each film. For instance, Pathu Thala, released in 2023, took around a month to land on Simply South, while Chatrapathi, despite its release in May 2023, is yet to be available for streaming.

Given that Shaitaan hit theaters on March 8, one might speculate that it could be available for streaming as early as April if it follows the Pathu Thala route, or possibly by early May on Zee5. Nonetheless, until an official announcement is made by the studio, fans might find themselves in a similar predicament as those awaiting the streaming release of Chatrapathi – kept waiting for an extended period.

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