Where is Rahul Mukerjea Now? The Step-Brother and Boyfriend Behind Sheena Bora’s Murder Inquiry

Rahul Mukerjea is the biological son of Peter Mukerjea, a British television executive, and his first wife, Shabnam Mukerjea. He is also the stepson of Indrani Mukerjea, who is an HR consultant and television personality, previously known as Pori Bora.

Alongside his brother Rabin, Rahul is one of Peter Mukerjea’s two biological sons. Following Peter’s marriage to Indrani, he legally adopted Vidhie Khanna, who is Indrani’s daughter from her prior marriage with Sanjeev Khanna.

Sheena Bora became part of the Mukerjea family when she was introduced as Indrani’s sister. However, it later emerged that Sheena was actually Indrani’s daughter. The Netflix documentary, “The Indrani Mukerjea Story: Buried Truth,” exposes that Peter and his family were unaware of Indrani’s connection to Sheena Bora.

In the documentary, Indrani also alleges that her stepfather – Upendra Kumar Bora raped her when she was 16 years old after which Sheena was born.

Where is Rahul Mukerjea Now?

It’s reported that Rahul Mukerjea was the one who urged Sheena’s family and closest relatives to file a First Incident Report (FIR) regarding Sheena’s disappearance. A decade after Sheena’s murder, in 2022, Rahul was called upon as the key witness in the Sheena Bora Murder Cas

According to media accounts, Rahul consistently asserted Peter’s innocence in Sheena’s murder and emphasized that neither he nor his father harbored any animosity towards his relationship with Sheena.

The 2024 Netflix docu-series notes that Rahul was approached for an interview regarding Sheena’s death, but he declined to participate in the documentary.

Rahul Mukerjea and Sheena Bora’s Relationship

In 2006, Sheena relocated to the Mukerjea family’s residence in South Mumbai, where she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Arts at St. Xavier’s College. Vidhie Mukerjea, Sheena’s sister and Rahul’s adoptive sister, disclosed in the Netflix documentary “The Indrani Mukerjea Story: Buried Truth” that she felt caught off guard by Sheena and Rahul’s relationship.

Despite facing disapproval from Indrani after dating for a while, Sheena and Rahul persisted in their relationship and eventually cohabitated. They even became engaged in a private ceremony, with Rahul informing the family of their engagement via email, as revealed in the documentary.

After Sheena’s disappearance in April 2012, Rahul disclosed receiving a breakup message from Sheena, suggesting an end to their relationship. With no further communication from Sheena, Rahul prompted the Mumbai Police to investigate Indrani Mukerjea’s potential involvement in Sheena’s disappearance. Indrani, however, visited the Mumbai police station and alleged that Rahul was attempting to stalk Sheena, insinuating that Sheena had relocated to the US to avoid him.

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