Best Dragon Ball Legends Characters for Newbies

Dragon Ball Legends (DBL) is packed with tons of different Dragon ball fighters and, honestly, if you fall in love with the game you’ll want to play with them all (the easiest way would be to buy a Dragon Ball Legends account for sale). However, if you’re getting started with the game, you’ll probably want to play with the Dragon Ball Legends characters that boast some power, but are also easy to play with. This is a list of them.

Ultra Instinct Goku

A lot of people love to play with Goku in the game, and Ultra Instinct Goku is said to be the best version. He can use abilities to boost his health, power (90%), reduce damage, and more. He is also a tremendous team player since Ultra Instinct Goku can reduce the substitution timer for new teammates. All around very useful, and one of the Dragon Ball Legends characters we really enjoy playing with.

Super Gogeta

Most fighters in Dragon Ball Legends are attack players. Not Super Gogeta. She is support. Most of her focus is on reducing damage when she enters battle, but she can also boost inflicted damage, boost Ki recovery, and more. She can be a bit tricky to play with, but we think she is one of the easiest support characters for newbies to nail.

Angel Golden Frieza

Angel Golden Frieza thrives on his blast radius output. Other fighters won’t be able to come close to you when you trigger one of his abilities. They’ll probably fall to their knees in terror when you switch on the 20% blast damage ability too. He can even cancel enemy buff attacks, which makes it even easier to destroy your opponents.

Super Saiyan God SS Kaioken Goku

This is one of the better characters in the game, and a favorite among players. You’ll probably see a lot of people raving about him. The best ability is Strike Arts, which reduces the power of the enemy’s special abilities, which can save lives. Damage power boosts are pretty small with Super Saiyan God SS Kaioken Goku, but he is more about the buffing and nullifying damage, which is where he really does thrive.

Android 17 & 18

If you’re an aggressive player, you’ll definitely want to play these two. They boost damage massively well, and they can cut through even the deadliest of enemies. You’ll often find this twin combo at the top of tier lists, and they always seem to be great for the meta. Their abilities to boost damage can add up to 90%, which is a tremendous amount since their default abilities already pump damage up tons.

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