Monkey Man OTT Release Date in India (Updated)

Dev Patel’s directorial debut, “Monkey Man,” burst onto the silver screen with resounding acclaim. Critics lauded its gripping narrative and adrenaline-pumping action sequences, captivating cinema enthusiasts worldwide.

Although slated for an April 19, 2024 release in India, the film’s debut has been delayed, reportedly awaiting approval from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) with scant details available.

Meanwhile, overseas audiences can access “Monkey Man” on various OTT platforms like Amazon, Apple, and Vudu, as per a report. However, the fate of its release in India remains uncertain, leaving fans wondering if they’ll experience it in theaters or via OTT.

Featuring Dev Patel in the lead role, the movie boasts a stellar cast including Sharlto Copley, Pitobash Tripathy, Vipin Sharma, Sikandar Kher, Adithi Kalkunte, Sobhita Dhulipala, Ashwini Kalsekar, Makarand Deshpande, Jatin Malik, and Zakir Hussain in pivotal roles.

The plot centers on a young man’s quest for justice following his mother’s tragic demise, as he confronts the corrupt forces exploiting the powerless.

Despite its USD 10 million budget, “Monkey Man” has garnered approximately Rs 34.1 million at the global box office, according to online reports.

Monkey Man Plot Explained

“Monkey Man” centers around a man whose life takes a surreal turn after a mysterious encounter, transforming him into a creature with simian traits. As he grapples with his newfound identity, he must confront the perils and obstacles that accompany this metamorphosis. Through his journey, he uncovers the extent of his abilities and contends with sinister forces vying for control over him. Drawing inspiration from the legend of Hanuman, a deity of mixed human and monkey heritage from Hindu mythology, the film intertwines themes of myth and modernity.

The film’s conclusion deliberately leaves viewers in suspense. Following a showdown with adversaries, the protagonist, Kid, succumbs to a fatal wound inflicted by Baba Shakti. The narrative then shifts to a poignant flashback involving Kid’s mother, leaving his fate uncertain. While his demise seems plausible given his relentless pursuit of vengeance, the lack of definitive closure hints at the possibility of survival. Perhaps aided by allies like Sita and the hijra, Kid may evade capture by authorities and find refuge to recover. His potential survival resonates with the narrative’s themes of resilience and defiance against overwhelming odds.

In essence, “Monkey Man” delves into themes of retribution, moral ambiguity, and personal evolution, prompting contemplation on whether Kid’s odyssey reaches its conclusion or if he persists in his struggle against adversity.

Monkey Man OTT Release Date

Dev Patel’s Monkey Man is now available across multiple platforms. Here’s the scoop:

Amazon Prime Video:

Dive into the action on Amazon Prime Video, where Monkey Man awaits. Join Kid (portrayed by Dev Patel) on his journey as he navigates the shadows of the city’s elite, driven by years of pent-up fury. Produced by Jordan Peele, this adrenaline-fueled thriller boasts an IMDb rating of 7.0 and a runtime of 2 hours and 2 minutes. Rent it in UHD for $19.99 or own it for $24.99.

Universal VOD and Digital Platforms:

Universal is gearing up to unleash Monkey Man on VOD and digital platforms. Mark your calendars for April 23rd, 2024, as the release date. Having premiered at the prestigious 2024 SXSW Festival, the film stormed into US theaters on April 5th, 2024.

Peacock Streaming Platform (Rumored):

Keep an eye out for Monkey Man possibly making its debut on the ‘Peacock’ streaming platform, with speculation swirling around a potential July 2024 release.

Monkey Man Box Office

Domestic Box Office:

During its second weekend, Monkey Man slipped to 6th place domestically, amassing $4.1 million. Despite this, its debut was impressive, seizing the No. 2 spot on opening weekend, surpassing the IP-driven horror title The First Omen.

While the film’s second-week performance domestically might seem concerning despite positive reviews, it still stands as a financial triumph. Here’s why:

Typically, a film needs to double its production budget to break even. Monkey Man likely needed around $20 million to break even, a milestone it reached within just 10 days.

Originally acquired by Netflix for $30 million during production, the film was later acquired by Universal for roughly $9 million. Universal likely aimed to recoup their investment of $18 million, a target successfully met.

Despite slipping out of the Top 5 domestically¹, the film’s financial success is undeniable.

Global Box Office:

Monkey Man has achieved a significant global milestone, grossing over $20 million worldwide, with a cumulative total of $22 million.

In international markets, the film has garnered around $6.6 million, contributing to its total global earnings of approximately $28 million.

Budget and Opening:

Dev Patel’s directorial debut was crafted on a modest budget of $10 million.

The film made its debut in 3,029 North American theaters, generating an estimated $10.1 million.

Monkey Man OTT Release Date in India

Originally, Monkey Man was produced by Netflix. However, the streaming giant opted not to release the film, citing concerns about a character portraying right-wing Hindu nationalism. Allegedly, Netflix feared potential repercussions on its operations in India.

Subsequently, Monkeypaw Productions, led by Jordan Peele, and Universal Pictures took over production duties. They made adjustments to the movie and postponed its release.

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) reportedly withheld certification due to the film’s content, which includes depictions of violence, sexual scenes, and references to Hindu religion and mythology.

Release in India: Initially slated for April 19, coinciding with the onset of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024, the film did not hit Indian screens. Presently, uncertainty looms over the theatrical release and OTT availability in India due to certification delays by the CBFC.

Despite production challenges and certification delays, Monkey Man has garnered global success and piqued interest with its captivating narrative. Let’s remain hopeful that Indian audiences will soon have the opportunity to experience it!

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