Manjummel Boys OTT Release Date and Platform

Manjummel Boys is a 2024 Malayalam-language survival thriller film inspired by a true incident from 2006.

Manjummel Boys OTT Release Date and Platform

According to trade analyst Sreedhar Pillai, despite its box office success, the Malayalam survival thriller “Manjummel Boys” has not yet secured a deal with any streaming platform for its OTT rights. The film, which recounts a daring rescue mission in 2006, features a star-studded cast including Soubin Shahir, Sreenath Bhasi, Balu Varghese, Lal Jr., Deepak Parambol, and George Maryan.

Despite its status as the highest-grossing Malayalam film of 2024 and one of the top-grossing Indian films of the year, OTT platforms are hesitant to meet the producers’ demand of Rs 20 crore for streaming rights. Pillai noted a significant shift in the OTT market, contrasting it with the past when such rights were highly sought after.

Pillai mentioned that the producers received the highest offer of Rs 10.5 crore for all languages, which they deemed insufficient. He highlighted that the delay in OTT release due to the film’s success in theaters has affected its value for streaming platforms. Pillai also pointed out a general trend in the industry where the acquisition costs for films, including those featuring big stars, have decreased significantly.

In contrast, Pillai noted that only a few films, like “Premalu” and “Bramayugam,” managed to secure deals at reasonable prices, suggesting a changing landscape in the OTT acquisition market.

Here’s a table summarizing the details of the movie:

Written & Directed byChidambaram
Produced bySoubin Shahir, Babu Shahir, Shawn Antony
StarringSoubin Shahir, Sreenath Bhasi, Balu Varghese, Ganapathi S. Poduval, Lal Jr., Deepak Parambol, Abhiram Radhakrishnan, Arun Kurian, Khalid Rahman, Chandu Salimkumar, Vishnu Reghu
CinematographyShyju Khalid
Edited byVivek Harshan
Music bySushin Shyam
Distributed bySree Gokulam Movies through Dream Big Films
Release date22 February 2024
Running time135 minutes
OTT Release DateTBA
OTT Release PlatformDisney Plus Hotstar
Box officeEstimated ₹146 crores+

The Story

The film centers around a group of close friends from an arts club in Kochi, Kerala. Seeking adventure, they embark on a vacation to the hill station of Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu. Fueled by excitement and camaraderie, they decide to explore the Guna Caves, a famous tourist spot known for its picturesque setting.

The Daring Descent and Ignored Warnings

Drawn by a sense of adventure, the friends venture deeper into the caves, despite warnings from a local guide, Dominic, about restricted areas. Ignoring the potential dangers, they delve into the uncharted depths, fueled by a carefree spirit.

A Twist of Fate and the Fight for Survival

However, their carefree exploration takes a horrifying turn when one of the friends becomes trapped in a perilous situation deep within the caves. Panic sets in as the reality of the situation dawns on them. The friends are faced with a life-or-death struggle as they attempt to rescue their companion from the seemingly inescapable depths.

Desperate Measures and Unbreakable Bonds

With limited resources and dwindling hope, the remaining friends must put aside their fear and draw on their inner strength. The film explores themes of friendship, courage, and the lengths we go to for those we care about. They must find a way to navigate the treacherous cave system and overcome the challenges they face.

Facing the Unknown

The movie portrays the claustrophobic and unforgiving environment of the caves, adding to the sense of desperation. The friends grapple with the unknown, not only of the cave’s layout but also the possibility of outside help reaching them.

Uncertain Fate and the Aftermath’s Impact

The film’s ending is left somewhat ambiguous, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Whether the friends manage to rescue their companion or face a tragic outcome remains a mystery. The film explores the emotional toll of such an ordeal and the lasting impact it has on the group.

Manjummel Boys is a story of friendship, courage, and the fight for survival in the face of extreme adversity. It leaves viewers pondering the power of human connection and the resilience of the human spirit in the most challenging circumstances.

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