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We accept contents that are related to Assamese Entertainment Industry, Travel Stories of Northeast, Fashion Trends including the following topics:

  • About any Upcoming Movies, Music Videos and Audio Albums.
  • Travel Stories on Northeast India.
  • Northeast Fashion Trends.
  • Stories about Food from Northeast India.
  • Recent Events, Shows.
  • Reviews on any Film, Music Videos and Documentaries.
  • Celebrity Interview.
  • About any Person relate to Film Industry and his/her story.
  • Photographs of any Celebrity, or Behind the scene photos of any Project.
  • Any videos created for entertainment purpose.

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  • We publish all articles which are previously published in various newspapers, magazines but not available online.
  • Before publication, your article’s content may be edited. Grammar, misspellings, titles and formatting may be changed for SEO purpose.
  • You can include a three sentence or less signature or bio statement which will appear below your article.
  • You will get a link back.

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Use the following emails for all communication or Please don’t send news regarding any of these following topic(s)

  • Politics
  • Religion


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