Ms. Marvel episode 2 Easter Eggs

Ms. Marvel Easter Eggs: 5 Things You May Have Missed in Episode 2



We do know that Kamran had an ulterior motive for getting close to Kamala. There is one detail about Kamran that isn’t revealed in the episode but we could see in a future episode: Kamran has powers.


An embiggened fist

Here’s an Easter egg for everyone who’s bummed about the change in Kamala Khan’s powers. In the comics, Ms. Marvel’s most recognizable superpower is her oversized fists, with which she uses to pound bad guys.


Black Widow's death scene

During their rooftop training session, Kamala falls over the edge and is caught by Bruno — but he can’t pull her up! She’s slipping! “Let me go,” Kamala says. “You have to let me go” And then she falls… like, a couple of feet. She’s fine.


Orange juice... and vodka

There’s the scene at the party where Kamala takes a drink of orange juice that has a surprise dash of vodka in it.

“oh my god my powers are going haywire at school” sequence

we get to see Iman Vellani rock Kamala’s flap hat and oversized army jacket combo!


Kamala's family history

Since Aisha’s daughter/Muneeba’s mother is unnamed in the comics, the TV show’s creators gave her the name Sana. Sana Amanat is the name of Ms. Marvel’s original co-creator.