10 Things You Should Know About The First Assamese Filmmaker


Jyoti Prasad Agarwala, the first Assamese filmmaker is one of the leading cultural modelers of twentieth century Assam. The state just celebrated his death anniversary as Silpi Divas (Artist Day) yesterday (January 17). Here’re 10 things you should know about the versatile genius through whom Assamese entertainment attained creativity, dynamism and modernity.

The Life Starts

Jyoti Prasad Agarwala was born in 17 June, 1903 in Tamulbari Tea Estate of Dibrugarh. His father was Paramanada Agarwala and mother was Kiranmayee.

The Education from Tezpur HS School to Edinburgh University

He started his education He studied in Tezpur Government High School and completed his matriculation. During high school time itself he joined the freedom movement. After matriculation he joined National College of Calcutta and completed his I.A from there. For his graduation he went to Edinburgh University, Britain. He also joined M.A but before finishing it he went to Germany to study filmmaking.

And the Journey Starts..

He began writing since the age of 14 years. Around then he recorded the renowned play ‘Sonit-Konwari’. For next few years amid his understudy days he composed numerous short stories. He composed numerous stories for youngsters. Some different plays composed by him are Rupalim, Karengar Ligiri, Lobhita, and so on. His plays are followed up on stage till date in Assam.

His songs.. Live as Jyoti Sangeet

Jyoti Prasad Agarwala had written around 300 songs, many of which he had set to music himself. Collectively, these songs are called Jyoti xongit.

Joymoti – The First Assamese Motion Pictue

The most valuable gift of Jyoti Prasad Agarwala to Assamese entertainment is Joymoti (1935), the first cinema. He first setup a studio ‘Chitrban’ in Bholaguri tea estate in Tezpur in 1934. He also built a cinema hall ‘Junaki’ in tezpur in 1937.

Newspaper – Axomiya

Jyotiprasad Agarwala also re-published the newspaper ‘Axomiya’ in 1944. He also established an assamese music school in Tezpur.

His Films

Agarwala is lauded as the creator of Assamese cinema. In a period that saw the beginning of Indian Cinema, with. Joymoti (1935) Indramalati (1939)


His plays includes Sonit Kunwori, Karengar Ligiri, Rupalim, Nimati Konya or Rupkonwar, Sonpakhilee, Khanikar, Kanaklata, Sundarknowar, Lobhita.


Jyoti Raamaayon – Poetry Collection, Luitor Paaror Agnixur – Poetry Collection.

Commemorative Stamp

In honor of Agarwala’s contributions to Assamese literature and film, the Government of Assam issued a commemorative stamp of Agarwala in 2004. It was pushed for by the AGP and approved by the Prime Minister of India in mid-2004.

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