Reforms Required For Restructuring The Position of Assamese Film Industry


I have found that the filmmakers are getting compromised regarding the subject and making art films mostly. Commercial elements are essential these days and there is a great need to expand the market and moreover, the film is getting released in all the theatres but less number of shows. At least 80% of the shows in a day should be allotted to local language films on release day. Means at least 3 shows in all the theatres in Assam along with 4 shows in selected theatres. And, the actors should be chosen wisely and I found most of the actors not suitable for the characters they play. The mistake must be in either the selection of an actor for a particular character or the output from an actor is delivered less than needed.

So, this is an open call to all the filmmakers in Assam. Please develop the scripts in a way that you yourself cant stop to watch your output on the screen. And also, take more time in the selection of artists and train them before the shoot. At this stage, we don’t need experiments. Featuring in International Film Festivals may give you fame but remember, the film has to be screened for more days to collect more. And if the film gets a huge release, then the collection will be more in less time. Right now, the Assamese cinema is in need of both fame and money. With a population equaling 3crs approximately, having 30-35 theatres is a negative point and not being together is another minus point. I’m ready to do as many commercial films as possible if Assamese producers are ready for a change.

As a south Indian, I know the formula of Commercial Cinema and have been comparing one industry to the other.I don’t bother about the remuneration I receive, but if the film helps the Assamese Industry definitely I will make more films.

This is a guest post written by Joel Jayakar Parisapogu, Screenwriter in Hollywood, Writer in Indian Cinema. You Can find him on Facebook and Twitter (@ItsSnazzyStar).

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