Assam Boy Antareep Hazarika to Perform at YouTube Fanfest Indonesia


Born in Guwahati and based in Delhi Lahar Hazarika aka Antareep Hazarika become the first Assamese to perform in YouTube fanfest this year. Antareep who is very much passionate about Music and Film Making has become the winner of HP India’s recent campaign #BendTheRules and thus he got the chance to perform on the Indonesia YouTube Fanfest.

YouTuber Antareep generally works on Cover videos. Because he thinks that it’s a nice idea to connect to his Viewers through Pre Acquainted songs.

“When people ask me why I post videos on YouTube, I often tell them that YouTube is my way of exhibiting how overly passionate I am about Film Making and Music. I feel that Music is something that runs in my Blood and I don’t need any other reason, more relevant, to showcase my work on YouTube. Music and Film Making greatly motivate me to Explore my world and inspires me to experiment with ideas Out-of-the-box. My Viewers on YouTube inspire me to work hard. I believe that every single opinion from My Viewers comes with a valuable lesson for me to learn. I generally work on Cover videos. Why? Because I think it is a nice idea to connect to my Viewers through Pre Acquainted songs. Of course, I have plans of working on Own Compositions in the Pipeline! My choice of Music has no limitations! I personally love working on All Kinds of Music with no Genre-Based limitations involved. I wish to experiment with Music of All-Genres, Unbiased.” he mentioned in an interview.

HP India’s bend the rule was a national challenge among 10 YouTube stars with 4 intense round and Antareep ultimately become the winner. And now he is to perform at YouTube fanfest Indonesia which will be held on October 23.

His Awesome Team

antareep hazarika
Surya Prakash Medhi, Illiyana Gogoi, Raunak Hazarika, Antareep Hazarika, Gariyashi Bhuyan, Jishnuraj Deka

Some of his Creations

Covers he did for HP India #BendTheRule

You can visit his YouTube Channel

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