8 Facts You Need to Know About The Only Hill Station of Assam

Be it a family trip or a traveler’s crave to explore nature, Haflong has beauteous views to offer it’s guests. The splendid widespread beauty will charm one’s heart and soul, connecting an individual’s self to it magical green surroundings. Northeast is remarkably popular for it’s tourism and their are certain distinguished features that are yet to be unlocked by a major number of the populace. Haflong is 330 km away from Guwahati, the wanderlust have been blessed with rich exquisiteness.

Here are the facts one must consider before paying a visit to this divine creation in earth

1. Popularly Known as White Ant Hillock

Image via- Zahid Ahmed Tapadar

The term Haflong means White Ant Hillock in the local tongue, Dimasa. Before starting your trip, you should be well acquainted with the much popular meaning of Haflong.

2.The Eye Swindling Scenic Beauty

Around 2 lakh wild flowers that includes orchids and other sorts, oranges, peaches grow in abundance and so do pears,pineapples.Fruits and flowers  can be spotted in this very  sweet,serene hill station.

5. The Haunted Jatinga


Stories are there about the mystical suicide of a large number of migratory birds  in the midst of August to November, Jatinga must be visited while holidaying in Haflong.It also gained prominence cause of the beautiful laid blue vandas orchids.

“As fog comes on a moonless night……
When the wind blows in direction right….
Jatinga turns into an island of search light,
& birds appear like ghosts from nowhere.”

4. Maibong Unfolding History

The used to be capital of Dimasa Kachari Kingdom, Maibong have histories to offer its visitors. Mahur River still upholds the rare reminisce of the 16th to 18th century dynasty, it also serves as one of the best present day picnic spots.

5. The Unavoidable Haflong Lake


Haflong has one of the largest water bodies of Assam. An enjoyable boat ride is open for tourists or locals.

6. A Fun Place For Adventures

Not only limited by its prettiness,para gliding,hand gliding and other sporting activities are available to enhance the fun meter of the visitors.

7. The Typical Cuisine

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Have to be mentioned,the varied local cuisines are a must try.

8. The Diversity in Culture, Custom and Tradition

India is marked for cultures and so are the denizens of Haflong. From Dimasa to Thadou Kukies tribes one will dance in the tunes of the conventional music.

How to Reach Haflong

Image Via-Haflong a Small Hill Station/facebook
Image via-Haflong a Small Hill Station/facebook

By Rail
Lower Haflong has a railway station, which is at a very close distance of 3 km from the main town. There are many trains going to and from Haflong, which provide slow moving scenic ride through the hill station. Lunding Juction Railway station is another railhead close to Haflong.

By Road
Haflong is well connected by road to the commercial city of Assam, Guwahati. There are both government and private buses operating at regular intervals, connecting the hill station to the main parts of Assam.

Must Visit: Haflong Lake, Jatinga, Maibong
Ideal Time: October to April

Feature image source: drj photogallery

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