5 Reasons You Will Love and Hate Living in Guwahati

Like every other city in the world, there are two sides to Guwahati. There is its culturalism and diversity to make it a wonderful place to live, but then there is also the cost of living and somewhat depressing artificial flood, lake of a solid waste management policy that can make living there a bit of a trial.

Reasons You’ll Love Living in Guwahati

1. The City Life

Image via -barcletmagazine.com
Image via -barcletmagazine.com

The gateway to the northeast and the largest and most cosmopolitan city in the region, Guwahati serves as the starting block for most Northeast itineraries. It’s a somewhat featureless city – a prosaic heap of glass and concrete for the most part – but there are a scattering of interesting temples to explore.

Entertainment Zone

Movie = Dona Planet
Shopping Modern Clothes = Sohum Shoppe
Famous Street Shopping = Fancy Bazar
Party Place = UnderdogGS
Night Life = Kaamakaazi, Terra Mayaa
Bowling = Pantaloons
Water park = Accoland

2. The Culture


Guwahati exemplifies NE’s diversity – wherever you turn in Guwahati, you’ll see a dozen different faces. You’ll find people belonging to different religions and communities from the other states residing together.

Again, you’ll never go hungry in Guwahati – be it the delicious momos, the succulent fast foods, chat masala or the inimitable butter chicken, you can always try something new.

3. Full of Opportunities

Image via- Assam Don Bosco University/Facebook

This is a city with full of opportunities. Students came here from different parts of the northeast to pursue their desired education. With growing private sectors, large number of youngsters are getting jobs. If you are a good singer or actor or dancer this is the place you love to stay and explore your creativity. This is the only city of northeast where the national level reality shows (most of them) come and take auditions, aging a way to the world of opportunities.

After all, if you want to do something anybody will suggest, “Guwahati golehe kiba eta hobo bujiso“

4. The Nightlife

Image Via – Vikramjit

Guwahati is a city of malls, nightclubs too. Although according to the middle-class Axomiya, clubs and all are against the culture, but there is a parallel nightlife and it still exists.

The city is not much of a dark city after all. The shutters of the shops are closed and the traffic diminishes drastically after 11pm unless there is a festival happening in the town. However, there are few good pubs and discotheques that are hard to miss.

5. The Life Experience

Image via- Youtube

Guwahati is a kaleidoscope of life and emotions – set out with a camera and you’ll capture some of the most beautiful shots of landscapes, the Brahmaputra and temples you’ll ever click in your entire life.

In Guwahati, you will have numbers of wonderful places to hang around with friends. Beli View, Uzan Bozar, Sradhdhanjali Kanan, Commerce Point, Kalakhetra are some of them.

Every monsoon, life comes to a standstill as parts of the city turn into a sluggish brown river.. its a lifetime experience.

Reasons You’ll Hate Living in Guwahati

1. Artificial Flood


In Guwahati, two or three heavy rainfalls in day wreak havoc in most of the areas of the city, creating water logging and traffic snarls. Common people, however, have no other option but to vent their ire against the government and the authorities concerned and are learning to live with the streets flooded for hours and spending considerable time in the traffic congestion.

2. Artificially Created Traffic


If you are stuck in traffic in Ganeshguri, Dispur or Beltola – chances are that it has been artificially created for a ministerial convoy to pass.

The National Disaster Management Authority has identified traffic jams and narrow roads in Guwahati as major handicaps in disaster management measures during high magnitude earthquakes.

3. No Corporate Life – Private Sector Sucks


Although the private sector is growing they are not adequate. According to most of the students, you can get a good degree in Guwahati but not jobs. The number of brain drain is still unchecked for NE. Students usually move to Delhi, Bangalore and other Indian states to build a career. In Guwahati, you can get a job but not a career.

4. Waste Management


It is a shame for us that the beautiful city of Guwahati remains unattractive because the streets are always littered with rubbish of all kinds. People have become used to throwing paper, garbage, cigarette butts, gutka etc., on the streets. People drive in luxury cars but they don’t hesitate to lower the window pane and throw an empty packet of chips or banana peels on to the road.

5. Congested City Area- The Environment of Rented House

Image via- Olx Ads

The city area is congested and the environment of the rented house is not good enough. If you are earning and living in a rented house in Guwahati you will know the amount of money you have to pay for a “good” house. Most of them have no facility of 24 hours water also power keep going out every day.

Over to you..

If you agree or disagreeing with our points, do let us know your view. We’d love to hear from you.

With inputs from Madhusmita and Akash Deep Choudhury

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