10 Types of Students You’ll Find in Every College in Assam

assamese students

The manifold characteristics of the sort of students spotted in the daily college classes, never go unnoticed. The presence of so many different personalities unique in their own way uplifts the entertainment scale of the class. A typical classroom amalgamates protean profusion of characters without whom the classes look dull and yawning.To name are:

1.The forever “sorry, sir I am late”

assamese students

Whenever the scheduled class timings may be,the students who belong to this section of the class never arrives to class on time and when they does,the others are left in utter surprise. Everyday,they have brand new excuses to present.

2.The “Muk Alop Hubo De” Students

assamese students

Be it a boring lecture or spending some quality time in the college canteen,these students are better known as “sleeping beauties”.They just need a spot to lay down and have some happy ,sound sleep.

3.The Geeks or Bookworms

assamese students

Lack the ability to connect and mingle with other fellow mates, they mainly focus on studies and fully occupy the first bench in order to attract the attention of the professors.They are basically the pet of professors who belong to the favourite clan of the teachers.

4.The Fancy Group

assamese students

Even at the most improper instances, they never loose their make up and are seen to decorate themselves at regular instances. A big NO to repetition of dresses, they love boosting and flaunting their high fashion sense even if never appreciated.

5.The one with “Aaji Maal Khau bol“.


Enjoy foods and drinks at any given time,they are gourmet lovers who secretly go on eating from the hoards of food even at the time of classes.

6.The Biker

assamese students

Basically the are more obsessed with the latest bikes, bike news, road trip more than their career.

7.The Non-existent Section

The absent presence of these kind of students are never felt by the students and sometimes even the professor.They usually come across questions such as “who are you?”,”are you a student of this class?”.However,their infamous nature do not even affect them.

8.The Gossip Creators

assamese students

The primary aim of such students are to elaborate any situation and spreading it among the major mass. Spicing up with self made elements and then circulating it surely need some remarkable talent. From entering the classroom to loosing a pen,they keep their social friends updated with their current status of activities.They are almost present in all the photos and tagged even in the rarest pictures.

9.The Smokers

In every college this groups is formed automatically. They meet at the corner of very famous pan shop, discuss all the serious issues related to college, city/town and even country.  

10.The Couples


Always sit in pair, they usually pass their time by promising love and praising the beauties of each other. They do not care about the surrounding ambience and tends to build their own world in the confined boundaries of classroom.

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