Priyanka Chopra to visit Jorhat for Assam Tourism Ad Film Shoot

Actress and Brand Ambassador of Assam Tourism, Priyanka Chopra will visit Assam today, April 28 for the shoot of several short ad films of Awesome Assam campaign.

The actress will reach Jorhat at 7:30 PM in special aircraft.

On Friday morning, Priyanka updated her Instagram story saying, ‘#Assambound’. She will be here in Assam for four days and will return on Tuesday.

She will stay at Thengal Manor, a heritage resort of Jorhat and also shoot for the Awesome Assam campaign. She is also likely to shoot at Banyan Grove, another heritage resort of Jorhat.

During her visit, Priyanka will be provided with high security comprising of escorts, personals pilots, Viranganas and special police force.

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