Top 10 New Age Assamese Actresses Who Are Dominating Instagram


We’re just about halfway through the year, and it’s already clear who’s winning the social media game in 2018 — but you might be surprised to find out which actresses are at the top of the pack.

Whether a behind the shot photo or a perfect selfie, they’re all about capturing hearts – the kind that appears when you “like” their photos on Instagram. And they are very, very good at amassing those likes, attracting and maintaining followers, and burnishing their personal brands. It’s not just that they’re impossibly gorgeous; they’re experts on which filters to use, how to hashtag, and when to post pictures.

Meet the Instagram queens of the Assamese entertainment industry. Here are top ten Assamese Actresses who are currently dominating the Instagram.

These results are based on the data as of January 2019

10. Debashree Gogoi – 70.2k Followers


The Dihingey Disangey fame Debashree Gogoi is a name that needs no introduction. The model cum actress Debashree has performed in some of the most viewed Assamese music videos. Her debut Assamese film Hari Om was directed by Arup Jyoti Rabha.

Debashree Gogoi on Instagram @debashree.gogoi

9. Alishmita Goswami – 86.6k Followers


Known for her character Gauri from Rengani TV’s mega serial Aaina, Alishmita’s debut Assamese movie Mayabini is about to release. She has two more films Ulka and Kokaideu Bindaas are ready to release this year. A few months back she was spotted in a shoot with Pyaar Ka Panchnama fame actor Raayo. But we don’t have any details about that project yet.

Her debut Bollywood film is Blackboard vs Whiteboard which will be released this year.

Alishmita on Instagram @alishmita

8. Sunita Kaushik – 90.7k Followers


Sunita Kaushik is popular for her powerful performances in some of the most talked Assamese television serials like Anuradha, Moromor Anuradha, Ki Naam Di Matim etc. The diva who is also a professional Kathak dancer has done more than 60 music videos. She also has some Assamese feature films like Priyar Priyo, Ajanite Mone Mone etc in her credit.

Sunita Kaushik on Instagram @sunitakaushik5

7. Priyanka Baishya – 118k Followers


Priyanka Baishya (aka Pri Baishya) is an actress, known for Disco BhontiTaxi Gari, Deha Tumaar Lahoti and many other famous music videos including the controversial Pitiki Pitiki. Her debut Assamese film is about to release soon. This will be a thriller film under the banner of Strawberry Magic Productions, the same production house who created Dur. In this film, Priyanka will be playing the lead role with Ravi Sharma.

Priyanka Baishya on Instagram @pri_baishya_official

6. Karabi Sharma – 121k Followers


Karabi Sharma who worked in films like Khawoi the Danger Zone and Love in Bangkok, debut with the film Saya of Rohon Patar. She started her career in 2011 with a supporting role in a television serial. Apart from acting, she is a professional Bihu dancer.

Karabi Sharma on Instagram @karabi_sarma_official

5. Dhritismita Deka – 123k Followers


Dhritismita, a Cotton University student and a professional dancer who has performed in more than 40 music videos and various stage shows across Assam. She has a unique photography style and thus she is among the top 5 most followed actresses.

Dhritismita on Instagram @dhritismita.deka25

4. Amrita Gogoi – 123k Followers


Amrita Gogoi is one of the most popular actresses of the Assamese entertainment industry. She has done 6 films in the last 3 years. Amrita won the Best Actor Female award in Prag Cine Awards North-East 2015 for her debut film Ahetuk. She also started her acting career of Mobile Theatre in the season of 2016–17 in Hengul Theatre.

Amrita Gogoi on Instagram @gogoiamrita

3. Annanyya Kashyap – 152k Followers


Annanyya Kashyap, an actor who is rising in the Assamese film industry for her versatile acting. She is a professional Bihu dancer and performed across the country. She was also a part of famous Assamese music videos like Masoloi Goisilung and Morilong Morilong. Annanyya’s debut Assamese film is Bhal Pabo Najanilu (2013). She has done more than 10 Assamese serials till date and her next feature film Tumi is about to release soon.

Annanyya Kashyap on Instagram @annanyya_kashyap_real

2. Deeplina Deka – 173k Followers


Deeplina Deka is an actress, singer, national level badminton player and an engineer. This multi-talented actress got fame with her debut film, Assamese blockbuster Mission China, directed by Zubeen Garg. She is also a trained Kathak dancer and currently pursuing the masters (nipun) in classical music.

Deeplina Deka on Instagram @deeplina_deka

1. Himakshi Kalita – 197k Followers


Himakshi Kalita, her smile is enough to attract you. She looks ravishing on screen. This 20-year-old actress is currently dominating Instagram with the highest number of followers. Himakshi is very popular for her role in Boidehi, television serial of Rang TV. She also has done a couple of short films and music videos. Her debut Assamese film is yet to release.

Himakshi Kalita on Instagram @kalitahimakshi321

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