Anurag Saikia Talks about His Journey – From Moran to Mumbai [Video]


Anurag Saikia is currently basking in the glory of his recently released song ‘Chota Se Fasana’ from Irrfan Khan’s film ‘Karwaan’. It is one melodious track that will set the right mood for any road trip.’Chota Sa Fasana’ has been sung by Arijit Singh, written by Akarsh Khurana and the soulful music has been added by Anurag Saikia.

His second song ‘Heartquake’ from ‘Karwaan’ which has released recently, Anurag says, “Arijit and Papon both have always inspired many like us, so collaborating with both is special and can’t be expressed in words. I am hopeful that ‘Heartquake’ also strikes a chord with the audiences like Chota Sa Fasana.”

Along with enjoying the accolades for ‘Karwaan’, Anurag is also gearing up for his next song release from the film ‘Mulk’. The music composer who hails from a very small town, Moran revealed how he got an opportunity to create music for one of the most anticipated films of the year ‘Mulk’.

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Sharing about his journey, Anurag Saikia says that the journey of ‘Mulk’ started one day while he was walking in Bhaskar’s Euphony Studio and then he got a call from one of his friends, who asked him to come to their production house to play some of his songs. That day, Anurag was in a hurry as he had to catch a flight for some other substantial reason.

So he quickly went there and realized that he is at Benaras Production house that is owned by Anubhav Sinha. Anurag says “As I entered his cabin, I was shivering to stand in front of the man who has made so many musical blockbusters like, ‘Tum Bin’, ‘Dus’, ‘Ra-One’, etc. I still remember listening and playing his songs.”

He further added, “We started talking and Anubhav Sir asked me to play some of my songs. I usually don’t have the song bank ready with me. It is when someone gives me a brief, I prepare accordingly.

However, I played some of the songs that I had in my mail. He then asked me, if I wanted to play any other song. So I told him that there are a few songs that I had created for myself (those were the kind of songs that we feel no one would like. )

Watch Anurag Saikia’s Interview with Chakrapani Parashar | Part 2

There was a song of mine that was written by Nida Fazli Sahab. That was probably the last song that he wrote for someone. So I played the song and he loved it. After that, I left his office. We kept in touch and one day, I got a call again from his office and Anubhav Sir told me about this film ‘Mulk’. He asked me to read the script. After reading, I got goosebumps. The story of ‘Mulk’ is so enthralling and I was left spellbound. I asked him what can I do for him, he told me that I have to compose a song for this film and he gave me the brief. That’s how this whole journey started.”

I feel so lucky that in my initial stage I am associated with films like ‘Karwaan’ and ‘Mulk’. Both these films are very special for me. Like someone said, ‘It is very important to start your career with good projects, and I am so happy to work with two of the most special projects coming this year.”

About his song in ‘Mulk’, Anurag reveals, “The song of is written by Shakeel Azmi Sahab and I think he is one of the best Urdu poets of our generation.”

On a concluding note, the aspiring music composer says, “This journey is amazing as I still remember from where I have started. I came to Mumbai with a dream as everyone says, Mumbai is a city of dreams and definitely, it has proven that right. This place has given me a lot. I am really glad.

I don’t know what life has in store for me, but wherever I am and whatever I am doing now, is nothing less than wonderful. I am happy and I think it is all because of the blessings of my family, friends, and well-wishers.”

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